Featured Food Truck of the Week

Roaming Hunger’s featured food truck of the week comes to the streets from the heart of Nasvhille.  Just Like Nannie Fixed it, a Christian-based “country cooking” truck, serves some of the finest southern food around. Every delicious meal includes a “Daily Bread” inspirational scripture.


Roaming Hunger waved down truck owners Kent and Crystal Davis to get a closer taste of Nannie’s fix:


RH: What on your menu is a MUST try?

Just Like Nannie Fixed It: Nannie’s Chicken n Dumplins are a must try, based on Kent’s Nannie, Grace Davis’ scratch recipe. The Best in the South..”NO DOUBT”. We also offer fried cornbread and the irresistable Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, which is like chess pie on steroids 😉


RH: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you inside a food truck?

Just Like Nannie Fixed It: Our daughters, Jennifer and Lindsey, who are home schooled and help us, will try and guess the names of the cute boys that come up to the truck, and Daddy will always throw in a name like Urkel or Poindexter to try to deter  and distract them.
Our son-in-law Jessie almost burnt down the truck by throwing a hot can of chaffing fuel in the trash and how he always used  Crystal’s “pink” tools to build the truck. We remodeled the truck ourselves from an engineer’s truck full of metal racks to what it is today including the painting outside.


RH: What is your favorite “food trade” with another truck?

Just Like Nannie Fixed It: We love to trade food with our good friend Ken from Ken’s Hot Spot, he has the spiciest, hottest Twisted Chicken around! On a scale of 1-10 it is a 99!


RH: What part of Tenessee trucking did you think would be popular that ended up not being so?

Just Like Nannie Fixed It: We tried street festivals which we initially thought would be great but with the outrageous buy-in fees and the abundance of concessions it was not profitable. We prefer to serve lunches at large offices where we are an asset to them with their short lunch breaks and our quick service, allowing them more free time to enjoy their breaks.


RH: Where is the street food culture heading?

Just Like Nannie Fixed It: The food truck revolution is HOT now but only the dedicated truck owners with high quality products will remain to rise above. It is also very important to be very educated with proper food handling practices to serve not only delicious food but safe food. We are extremely proud to be the only food truck in Nashville that has maintained perfect health scores of 100 during our years of operation.

See where the truck is headed, check out the menu or comment about your favorite dish at Just Like Nannie Fixed It