Featured Food Truck of the Week

 Washington DC’s first mobile cupcake truck, Curbside Cupcakes, opened in November 2009 and now has 3 trucks–Pinkies 1, 2 & 3 spread cupcake bliss all over Washington, Arlington and a few spots in Montgomery County!  Take your cupcakes direct from the curb or link up with their delivery service and they’ll bring your cupcakes right to you.



RH: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you inside a food truck?

CC: In the beginning, when we were still figuring things out, we had plenty of mishaps that resulted in cupcakes flying all over the place!  Once I lost my footing while loading up the trucks and they found me literally under a pile of lost cupcakes!  It didn’t feel that funny at the time, but thinking back on it, it probably looked hilarious!


RH: What is your favorite “food trade” with another truck?

CC: That’s a really tough one!  One of the great perks of being part of the food truck family is that you hardly ever go hungry!  Buffalo chicken pizza from @DCSlices, El Greco empanada from @DCEmpanadas, tofu tako from @Takorean… it’s all delish!


RH: What part of food trucking did you think would be popular that ended up not being so (locations, trends, menu items)?

CC: We thought that big annual downtown festivals would be a great fit for us, but we were really wrong!  It turns out that those festivals can sometimes be very expensive so we tried some of them but ended up losing money.


RH: Where is the street food culture heading?

CC: The food truck revolution is still very new here in the city!  Hopefully we’re moving from being a new novelty to a regular institution in the DC food scene.  The new pending vending regulations will help determine if this wonderful trend is allowed to thrive.


RH: What on your menu MUST I try?

CC: Red Velvet is our best seller, but my personal favorite is our Carrot Cake.  Try both!


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