Tampa’s Tasty Stacy

RH: What is the funniest thing to happen to you inside of a food truck?

Tasty: We were recommended by another food truck to serve lunch and dinner at a large office/call center with approx 300 employees.  We agreed to stay on site from 11 AM to 7 PM to accommodate multiple shifts of employees and were told by other trucks that had served there that we could expect to serve between 60 & 100 people throughout the day.  That is a very good “weekday” sales opportunity and we were excited to go there.


While driving to the office on our 1st day, about 1 mile before reaching the complex we heard a LOUD boom at the back of the truck and then a THUMP, THUMP. THUMP……it scared the s**t out of Stacy & I.  I stopped the truck right in the middle of the left turn lane we were in and got out to find we had blown one of the rear tires on the truck.  Fortunately our truck has “dual” rear wheels on it which allowed me to continue to drive the truck (very slowly of course) but unfortunately the rubber from the tire did not blow all the way off, but hung on like a banana peel….thereby causing the very loud THUMP every time the rubber hit the wheel well.


It was quite embarrassing driving the last mile and pulling into the office complex with this blown tire THUMPING all the way and then all day long our customers would come up to the truck and say “Do you know you have a flat tire?”
I spent all of my free time during that day trying to find a tire (the size we have is difficult to find because it is discontinued) and someone to change it, but had no luck.


Soooooo, we had to drive all the way back to our commissary that evening (approx 5 miles) down the main road in Tampa (Dale Mabry Hwy) at 30 miles per hour THUMPING all the way!…….with everyone we passed staring at us!  We consoled ourselves by saying “At least our truck is getting noticed”


RH: What is your favorite food trade with another truck?

Tasty: My favorite trade is with AMERICAN WIENER food truck….Kevin has many great hot dogs on his truck but my favorite is the “CAPONE”……a Chicago style dog with hot peppers, onions, pickles and cucumber…..in return he usually gets our PENNE PASTA WITH PESTO or our famous CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES.
My wife, being half Greek, likes to get the STUFFED GRAPE LEAVES from MAGGIE ON THE MOVE who in return likes our signature CHICKEN CUTLET SANDWICH.


RH: What part of food trucking did you think would be popular that ended up not being so?

Tasty: When we started this business we thought we would be able to find one single location to park every weekday and people would come to us.
In reality we have found that we need to bring our food TO the people at different office buildings and complexes that have a lot of people with little time to go out for lunch/dinner and don’t like to “brown bag” it every day.  On the weekends and nights we do special food truck “Rallies”, special events and private catering jobs.


RH: Where is the street food culture heading?

Tasty: We are hoping the street food culture in the Tampa Bay area is headed toward a boom like other major cities in the U.S.  We are seeing new exciting trucks popping up all time and feel the atmosphere is getting better all the time, but in some areas the word is not spreading fast enough.   The fact that most towns in Tampa Bay wont allow trucks to just pull up in the street and start selling is a large drawback.


RH: What on your menu MUST I try?

Tasty: You MUST try our CHICKEN CUTLET SANDWICH…..it is a hand cut chicken breast, breaded and pan sautéed served on a fresh baked baguette from Pane Rustica Bakery (south tampa) with Roasted Red Peppers, Sundried Tomatoes, fresh Mozzarella and Fresh Basil with a homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette.


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