Featured Food Truck — Mix’D UP

Mix’D UP is this week’s Featured Food Truck. Why? Because they rock! This Atlanta-based truck is entirely inspired by Rock & Roll. But what does music have to do with food? Chef Brett and Chef Mass have collaborated to combine their passions for music and global cuisine, creating a unique dining experience. Their fans are called groupies and their incentive program is called the “ticket stub.” I got the chance to get Mix’D UP with Brett Eanes, and what I heard sounded awesome. Read on groupies!


RH: What inspired you to open a food truck?

MU: I have worked on food trucks in the past. Coming to Atlanta from L.A, it was always on my mind.  I started my catering company 8 years ago and wanted to extend the cuisine and make it gourmet street food with attitude.  Being a former rocker and a chef, Hey, why not a rock n’ roll food truck!!

RH: What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you inside a food truck?

MU: Everyday is funny, and there is so much that one wouldn’t understand.

RH: What part of food trucking did you think would be popular that ended up not being so (locations, trends, menu items)?

MU: Menu items change all the time, and at a couple of our spots, some menu items aren’t as popular as other spots.  Putting an item on the menu that you know is great, people don’t always get it. And figuring out what stops you go to and the clientele that is there is always fun.

RH: What do you love most about running a food truck?

MU: Change of scenery, diverse groups of customers and the craziness of a long line, hot days and the ever so popular, traffic!

RH: What sets you apart from other trucks?

MU: The crazy rock n’ roll flare, loud music, menus and a black truck that screams renegade!

RH: How would you describe your truck’s behind-the-scenes dynamic?

MU: Funny as hell.  We joke and dance on the truck all day, we clap yell in the megaphone, just get crazy, then we have to make sure we focus enough to put out great street food.  We are a family on the truck and it sure shows.

RH: Where is street food culture heading?

MU: The movement is heading in the right direction and giving fantastic choices to foodies on any given day.  Quick great food around your local corner…. YA can’t beat that!

RH: What on your menu MUST I try?

MU: The Rockin’ Hero, our rockin’ lamb burger!!! Fresh ground lamb, mint, rosemary, garlic, other spices, feta, tatziki, spinach tomato all on a ciabatta bun!!  Yep, soon to be famous


This truck has it all, but for those of you who like to rock out at home, we’ll be releasing a Mix’D UP original recipe tomorrow. Same time. Same place. See you then!

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By Sienna Mintz