Food Truck Festivals of New England – Your Best & Biggest Meal of the Summer Awaits



What’s better than eating from a food truck? How about eating from 20! The East Coast/ Best Coast…I mean West Coast rivalry might be boiling hot, but both sides of the country can agree that food truck festivals are an excellent summer pastime. Foodie founder Anne-Marie Aigner believes that “food truck festivals are not just a trend on the West coast…they are a movement that has slowly trickled through the Midwest and finally landed in the East.” Her goal is to take food trucks outside of the big city to give everyone in New England a taste of the movement that’s feeding the nation.


The Food Truck Festivals of New England is a Summer/Fall series that is already well underway. New England’s best trucks (there’s a whopping 53 of them) are on rotation, traveling far and wide to bring exotic tastes across the vast New England planes.


Here’s what you need to know: The festival will most likely be in your hood one of these days. Check out the schedule below and buy your tickets early.



There’s no admission fee to the festival, but you’ll need to buy “taste tickets,” which can be used as currency at each of the festivals. Get your stomach ready, because there’s a lot to eat here. Make sure you arrive early so that food doesn’t run out. The festivals promise everything from vegan grub to BBQ, from Asian fusion to good old tacos.


Get your ticket today and start counting down the meals till the best one of your summer. New England, you just got real tasty.




  • 10 tickets for $13
  • 20 tickets for $25
  • 30 tickets for $37
  • 40 tickets for $48


For the very latest news on the 2012 Food Truck Festival Season, the most up-to-date list of participating trucks and news on the availability of tickets, you can read their blog at, follow @foodtruckfestofne on twitter and “like” em on


by Sienna Mintz