Featured Food Truck — Go Fish!

Go Fish! does exactly what it says. It goes where you are and it brings you fish! Roaming Hunger spoke with owner and chef David Stein for a closer look at what running a gourmet seafood truck entails. Check back tomorrow for a crusty crustacean recipe!



Roaming Hunger: What inspired you to open a food truck?


David Stein: After 10 stultifying years as a corporate chef (round peg, square hole) and the gift of being “downsized”, it seemed a great way to use my skills in a situation where I had control of my own identity, my business and my choices.  I also loved the culinary Gypsy Caravan aspect and it was clearly a pivotal time in the Boston area for food trucks.


RH: What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you inside a food truck?


DS: Driving across Boston on a last ditch emergency drive for propane, 40 minutes before service for a 100 person catering gig, cooking chicken in a large rondeau while holding the oven door closed with my knee.


RH: What part of food trucking did you think would be popular that ended up not being so?


DS: So far, in Boston, dinner!


RH: What do you love most about running a food truck?


DS: Creative and personal independence.


RH: What sets you apart from other trucks?


DS: I am a classically trained chef with 30+ years of experience.



RH: How would you describe your truck’s behind-the-scenes dynamic?


DS: Fun, cooperative and professional.



RH: Where is street food culture heading?


DS: Down the road!!


by Sienna Mintz