Play It Again, Sam — Oscars Outdoors, a Review



Nestled between the bustling streets of Hollywood sits your summer escape. The Academy has invited you, your friends, and all the wine you can carry to their summer film series. Debuting on June 15th with Casablanca, Oscar and his gang set the bar high for a successful summer.


I visited the first Oscars Outdoors screening of the American classic and it did not disappoint. A giant 50-foot screen is sandwiched between two colossal gold Oscars. They face a small, but welcoming grassy hill, giving all moviegoers a good view.


I arrived early to stake my claim on a good spot (it gets crazy crowded) and stopped by some of my favorite food trucks. The Hungry Nomad was there, serving up tasty Lebanese sandwiches on moist, spongy bread. They were filled with everything under the moon, from pesto to sundried tomatoes and garlic aioli to boot. I washed it down with my favorite caffeine in town, a Brasil Kiss iced latte from Brasil Kiss itself. It was sweet and strong, the perfect pairing for my spicy Sammie and end-of-the-week exhaustion. Dogtown Dog’s popcorn stand was there too, doling out a taste of nostalgia. It was all good vibes at the food truck lot next to the lawn, but the Loony Tunes short was beginning, so I had to rush away.


The crowd was mostly made up of seasoned Casablanca veterans who knew all the lines of the film. That being said, no one was too enthusiastic about the high-speed helicopter chase going down on the streets around us. It was hard to hear the film at some points, but to sit under the stars in Hollywood on a Friday night has its gives and takes.


The movie was projected in excellent quality and even us folks in the back had a great view. As people continued to sneak away to refuel on popcorn and caffeine, I couldn’t help looking up at the stars (all three of ‘em) and think about how surreal the whole event was. When the film ended, I begged, “Play it again, Sam,” but was drowned out by the ravenous applause that greeted the rolling credits.


Want to have your own Oscars Outdoors experience? Tickets are only five dollars and parking’s free. Films range from black & white classic to knock your socks off funny. But bring an extra pair…it gets cold.


Read the lineup and buy your tickets here, at, but hurry, because a lot of shows have already sold out!


by Sienna Mintz