LA Street Food Fest – The Highlights

The Scene


It all went down at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Trucks, carts, tables, and stands wrapped around the stadium on its asphalt outskirts. Long lines snaked through the crowd, leading to the permanent “Concessions” counters serving free Singha beer. In all directions, (relatively) small portions of L.A.’s latest and greatest street foods were being devoured via toothpick, fork, straw, and chopstick.   Attendees were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of taste-budular opportunity that surrounded them, creating a sort of organized mayhem. Couples discussed where to go next with a tone of seriousness reserved for politics and the state of the world. Groups of friends scattered to meet their individual needs, bringing back their winnings to show off to one another. Vendors greeted overstuffed patrons with charisma and food that looked/sounded/smelled too good to pass up.   On the Rose Bowl field, people reclined to attempt immediate digestion while an unsuspecting couple snapped their engagement photos. With over one hundred mouthwatering mini-meals, it was impossible to try everything. But that didn’t stop anyone from trying.   Eager fans scampered about carrying VitaCoco Water boxes leftover from the Watering Hole, piled high with one of everything. Others took the approach of spitting out their food to save room for more. Still more were overzealous, and couldn’t pace themselves enough to consume nearly the lot.   It was a wonderful evening, with the sun hiding just behind the trees; sweaters were left in the car. There was not an unhappy face in the crowd; even the long lines couldn’t deter the enthusiasm. As time passed, people dragged themselves to their cars, sometimes making off with a treat to give to their less fortunate friends who did not attend.



The Gravy Train Poutinerie served their traditional Poutine with deep fried cheese curds.



The Highlights
  • Nonna’s Kitchenette served maple glazed French toast crostini topped with sautéed prosciutto and vanilla bean cream. Yeah, we know.
  • The Mighty Boba Truck passed out mini milk teas complete with chewy, sweet boba.
  • The Peking Duck Truck started off strong with mouthwatering Peking Duck Sliders.
  • Waffles de Liege pressed fresh waffles, with rich speculoos upon request.
  • Dog Haus may not have a food truck (yet), but their sliders were the juiciest little burgers you ever did taste.
  • Lazy Ox Canteen served paella from a gigantic metal pan filled with piping hot rice and seafood.
  • La Guerrerense made Sea Snail Tostadas that’ll send you running to Baja for more.
  • Mother Moo Creamery scooped handmade Grapefruit Campari sorbet to flushed fans.

It goes without saying that this year’s LASFF was a total success. It will forever be remembered by those who were there and will go down in history as the tasting event of tasting events. It was the Woodstock of food; the Oscars of taste. If you were there, you know, but if you missed it, fear not! LASFF will be back, we can guarantee it.   by Sienna Mintz