Palazzolo’s Artisan Gelato & Sorbetto

Transplants from Michigan Chris and Donna Morgan opened up a gelato food truck in the Los Angeles area a few years ago. During the beginning stages they looked for rental spaces but then stumbled upon the booming food truck business of LA. “We weren’t familiar with food trucks but found it was ideal,” said Donna when asked how they decided on a food truck.















Chris and Donna Morgan have been on the road for two years and are already recognized at events for their creative concoctions and flavors of gelato and sorbetto. When asked of the inspiration for so many unique flavors Donna said, “It’s just from being creative and a lot of people talk and they hint at things [flavors] they like.”


 Although there is a standard list of twenty flavors, there are always specials that are rotated in. Favorite flavors are difficult to choose, Donna said “There’s not just one, right now there’s a really big trend for sea salted caramel, it’s a big seller.”

Donna’s top three flavors:

  1. Red Raspberry Ghostpepper (nondairy)
  2. Irish Car Bomb: Baileys, Jameson, and Guinness
  3. Champagne and Peach
“I like to call them our adult flavors, they’re the most popular,” said Donna when referring to her famous ‘Irish Car Bomb’ flavor. All the gelato is made from GMO free milk and they use all raw ingredients, making the gelato even more delicious. All the flavors are developed by Chris and Donna Morgan. Our taste buds can be thankful for their brainstorming!






















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