The Savory: Food Trucks Then and Now


By Roaming Hunger

In 2008, a single, bright red painted flame would quite literally become the spark for an entire street food movement soon to be worth an estimated $1 billion.

With its deliciously crafted two-dollar Korean BBQ tacos, Kogi BBQ became an LA staple, the Godfather of food trucks, and the catalyst for a flock of 3,000 other food trucks that would take over streets around the country by 2013.

Ask any Angeleno and they’ll tell you that it all started with Kogi – and to a certain degree they may be right. However, mobile street food is in no way a novelty idea.

Though the food is now labeled “gourmet” and the horse-drawn carts have been replaced with automatic four-wheel drives, the concept has remained the same: to bring unique street food to the masses.

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