“Unpretentious, California style pizza on steroids” — Hobo Co Pizza // Los Angeles, CA



You grew up loving it.


You eat it late night, barely standing outside of your favorite bar.


You can’t be without it on Super Bowl Sunday.


So what sets new SoCal food truck Hobo Co apart from other mobile ZA? It’s their focus on California-style, Mexican fusion artisanal thin crust pizza.



Their fan favorite so far (pictured below) is the carne asada pizza– all the elements of a traditional a burrito, used as topping.



Hobo Co Pizza is new to the streets of LA as of October, National Pizza Month– not a bad way to start out. When asked to describe their pizza style, owner of Hobo Co Pizza Lorrick Simon said, “Unpretentious California style pizza on steroids.”


Fair to say, pretty badass.


Hobo Co are very in tune with helping out the community– they plan on participating in as many fundraisers as possible in addition to private and public events.



HOBO Co Pizza has two TV’s in their truck and plans of showing sporting events and concerts throughout the year. Be sure to track these guys down ASAP!


Find them HERE