Kickstarter: Bakin’ Bakery Food Truck

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A sweet and savory bacon infused food truck. Inspired by fresh local, seasonal, and foraged ingredients. Heavily community influenced.



{ THE PLAN } :


Bakin’ Bakery Food Truck will provide sweet and savory baked goods, including vegetarian and gluten free options to the greater Denver area.


Denver has breweries popping up left and right, in fact Denver’s Westword magazine projected another 60 breweries to open in the next three years! Most, if not all, of those breweries will not have food options because of Colorado State’s strange (but food truck benefiting) liquor laws. Now is the time to open a food truck in Denver and better yet a bacon infused truck!! I already have four breweries waiting for Bakin’ Bakery to open so they can host me one night a week. Thankfully many of those breweries have their own parking lot so I can be more cost effective, allowing me to spend my money on quality goods and not a great deal on city street parking permits.


During the season Bakin’ will serve breakfast offerings at two local farmer’s markets and participate in the popular lunchtime Civic Center Eats on Tuesdays. I also plan to attend local bacon related festivals such as: Keystone Bacon Fest and Denver’s Beer and Bacon Fest.


One of the local farms I get some of my ingredients from is Father Earth Organic Farm, located in Lafayette, CO. For the past year I have been blessed to work with Frank, the farmer and owner. Frank has taught me a great deal about the life of a farm(er) in Colorado. I am pleased to have this relationship for the business but most importantly he has become a genuine friend for life.



Rainbow Carrots and Beets! Farmer Frank’s greenhouse allowed me to harvest root veggies throughout the Winter and early Spring months.


Foraging is one of my largest assets to my business and to my general happiness. Having grown up in the mid-west I never knew how amazing it could be to have fruit trees in your very own back (or front) yard. Not only do I have amazing neighbors that are anxious to share their fruit with me but there is a foraging map on fruit trees throughout the Denver area that need pickin’ too. Take a look at the Denver Fruit Map to see for yourself how bountiful this city is.




Bags and Bags of Apricots from my neighbor Mary. Her two apricot trees produce enough fruit to last for months! An Apricot Raspberry Tart made with Mary’s Apricots!!



Each month I will highlight a local community member’s family recipe. I already have the first six months booked! For example, don’t you want to sample my friend Ruben’s authentic Polish peorgies? Trust me, you do!


I want to find a way to use my truck as a teaching tool, so I have opened a conversation with the program administrator for the after-school program where I teach. This will enable my students to learn basic food prep, mobile entrepreneurship and to show them how to live out a dream. My goal is to give back to the program that has taught me so much.


In the last 24 months I’ve perfected recipes, created solid wholesale accounts and attained a large customer base for my doughnuts, cakes, pastries and Bacon JAM! at local farmers markets, community events and through all my wedding and catering events. I’ve never been more confident with a pursuit in my life.


{Now I need your help to get this well loved food, made with locally grown ingredients, throughout the Denver communityIt’s all or nothing folks. I have to meet the 27k goal or I do not get a cent}.




All money donated will go toward a food truck, equipping its interior and exterior to meet most (if not all) of its needs and food supply costs for the first three months.


{Specific needs for the interior} :

  • Oven
  • Fryer
  • A Sink
  • Small Counter Top Space / Work Space
  • Refrigerator 


{Specific needs for the exterior} :

  • Paint Job (one that conveys the spirit of Bakin’ Bakery)
  • Grey & White Water Tanks


Did I mention there is a truck waiting for me?!


Allow me to introduce this beauty:


a short bus –> ice cream truck –> sweet and savory bacon infused truck!



You’re probably thinking…”Is this truck really ‘waiting’ for her during the kickstarter event?” YES, Carlos and Denise, the owners of the truck are happy to wait until I have the funds to buy it. In fact, they’ve even stated that they “are looking forward to watching my business flourish.” YAY!

Maple Bacon Scone Egg Breakfast Sandwich. One of the breakfast offerings for when the truck sits at the Farmers Markets.


Bacon JAM! – a gift offering for many of the reward levels


Bacon JAM! …It’s a Party in Yer Mouth!!


Me, makin’ the Bacon JAM! in my Commissary Kitchen Space.
Chai Doughnuts with an Apricot Bourbon Glaze…this could be OVERNIGHTED TO YOU if you donate $500 or more.

I’d like to thank everyone that has tasted my goods and encouraged me to follow my dream and start a bakery. My parents, I’m not sure where I would be without their undying love and support. All my friends, your excitement and words of encouragement mean the world to me. Adam Bove, you’re an amazing videographer, I’m so blessed for your commitment to creating this Kickstarter video. And to YOU for clicking that link and learning of my story. Cheers to endless happiness, following your dreams and living every day to the fullest.


Risks and challenges

Food Trucks are all the rage these days. It’s a market and community that is continually growing. Guaranteed I’ll hit road blocks along the way, in fact I’ve hit several already and NOTHING has or will stop me. With the constant love and support I receive from my friends, family and community I am confident I can get through any obstacle that comes my way.


The truck has been in good hands the last several years. I’m aware that things can happen mechanically with the truck or even inclement weather can slow me down. Along with having a trusted mechanic I’ll also be able to rely on the steady income of all my wholesale accounts for my baked goods and Bacon JAM! I will continue to sell Bacon JAM! at a retail and wholesale level. It is a guaranteed steady stream of income that will keep Bakin’ Bakery rolling through town successfully year round.