Guest Contributor: The Food Truck Junkie


Our first guest contributor for “Adventures of a Food Truck Foodie” is Nick Helm, aka “The Food Truck Junkie.”

This Phoenix native is die-hard, to say the least. Here’s a quick look at his Las Vegas Foodie Fest experience.



“Where they truck… I shall follow.”

I am known, in Phoenix, as being a die-hard Food Truck and Street Food enthusiast.  My Twitter feed keeps my followers in the loop of my most recent escapades while my Instagram keeps their mouths watering.  I have attended numerous events, often providing my insight to fellows foodies who are eager to know more about this cultural phenomenon. So, to an extent, being called a “Food Truck Foodie” is a little bit of an understatement.  I like to think of myself more being a “Food Truck Junkie”.


In fact.. I am THE Food Truck Junkie.


Since 2012, my taste buds have been on an exciting roller coaster, sampling delicious streets eats all around Phoenix.  The Phoenix Street Food scene is booming and with new trucks always on the rise, I feel my work will be never-ending.  So, when I saw that Roaming Hunger was looking for Guest Bloggers to talk about their most memorable food truck moment, I found it difficult to write about just ONE moment in my exciting “foodie” career.  From eating Balut for television to meeting celebrity chefs, I have experienced so much that one blog entry can’t solidify what an awesome journey I’ve had so far.  But, if I had to choose one memorable moment, off the top of my head, it would have to be this…



In October, I had the opportunity to experience the Las Vegas Foodie Festival, where between 40-45 various food trucks from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix come to showcase their awesome cuisine.  For THREE WHOLE DAYS, any die-hard foodie, like myself, would agree that to be surrounded by so many food trucks is definitely “heaven on earth”.  From Greek Gyros to Bacon Wrapped Brownie Bites to Sushi Burritos, this is the one event if you have heart set on having a “Food Truck Coma”.


To try and capture the atmosphere and the excitement of the Las Vegas Foodie Festival, all within a paragraph with very descriptive adjectives will not suffice.  I believe pictures tend to speak more than words, in my opinion.  Please note that I only ask that you refrain from eating your phone or monitor… Only because I am not responsible for any damaged items due to a sudden urge of hunger…



This is only the tip of an amazing iceberg, which is the Las Vegas Foodie Festival, and is a definite MUST for anyone who is die-hard food truck fanatic, such as myself.  My only word of advice is that you bring a very big appetite, especially if you intend on going all three days of the festival.  Upcoming dates of Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 Festival have not yet been posted but you can follow them on Twitter, @VegasFoodieFest, or visit their website,


For more of my pictures and to keep on top of my personal adventures in 2014, you can follow me on Twitter, @FTJunkie, and on Instagram, @foodtruckjunkie.  To all the many food truck fanatics across the country, keep calm and truck on!


–Nick Helm, “The Food Truck Junkie”