7 Food Trends We’d Like to See on Four Wheels

The cronut has come and gone and taco trucks are a dime a dozen. So, what are the next food truck trends coming our way? There are a few foods we can’t wait to see mobile (and a few we wish would go away forever)…here are seven food trends we’d like to see on four wheels!


1. New Fusion
Mash-ups are nothing new but the next wave of foodie fusion is going to be something to talk about. Ever considered southern-fried sushi rolls? What about Vietnamese-Mexican? (“Viexican?”) Fusion foods are going to hit a whole new level this year and you can count on the most flavorful tastes from different cultures coming together in interesting ways, street food style.


2. “Healthy” Fast Food
Think kale is over? Not so fast. We’re betting the next wave of food trucks is going to focus more on whole, healthy ingredients prepared without a lot of added fats and sugars. Think kale chip cones and cauliflower falafels. Everything from lentils to tofu are going to be taken down a notch to fit the food truck style. Soups, tacos, and sandwiches made with clean, nourishing ingredients.


3. Pie
There’s always another cupcake around the corner and macaroons had their day in the spotlight last year. This year it’s time for pie! The great thing about pie is that it can be savory or sweet and it’s already incredibly portable by nature. Look for trucks selling pie on a stick, hand pies, and individually-sized pies of all kinds.


4. Midwestern Food
Believe it or not, Midwestern food is being hailed as the next “southern” food. So, what is Midwestern cuisine all about? Steak, potatoes, and casseroles, of course. Once the trend catches on mainstream it’ll hit food trucks – imagine small chicken pot pies and sliced steak and mashed potato subs. Food trucks always have an interesting take on simple cuisines and Midwestern is the perfect canvas.


5. Ancient Grains
Ancient grains have been slowly building steam over the last few years but they’re about to hit it big time. Not only are these grains perfect for breakfast food trucks (oatmeal!) they’re also a terrifically healthy and low-cost filler for all kinds of typical food truck specialties. Quinoa, chia, and faro are going to be everywhere within a few months.


6. “Bowl” Trucks
Soup trucks are nothing new but there’s likely to be a wave of trucks selling bowls of ingredients in some kind of hot liquid. Consider the popularity of pho, then ramen, then braised meats, then…well, you get the point. Soup is going to be elevated and bowl trucks are going to find new ways to combine proven cuisines into something that can be eaten in a cup.


7. Ice Cream Sandwiches
Who wouldn’t love to see this? Ice cream trucks have slowly faded from popularity over the past few decades but artisanal ice cream sandwich trucks are going to start showing up come summer. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to the “bread” aspect of an ice cream sandwich and you’re likely to see crazy combinations like Lavender Lemonade Ginger and Sriracha Ice Cream with Vanilla Bean Shortbread.


What would a food trend be without an iteration in food truck form? No food has truly had its day in the spotlight until it’s making its way through neighborhoods in a truck. If you can’t put it between bread, in a fryer, or wrap it up in parchment paper, does it even exist?


Ryan Currie is a product manager at BizShark.com, with 5 years experience in online marketing and product development.  In addition to web related businesses, he also enjoys the latest news and information on emerging technologies and open source projects.