New York Street Food: Cooking & Traveling in the 5 Boroughs

New York Street Food – Cooking & Traveling in the 5 Boroughs

        Tom Vandenberghe, Jacqueline Goossens & Luk Thys

Culinary adventurer Tom Vandenberghe dives deep into the streets of NYC on a journey to showcase the truly unbelievable eats one can find in this bustling metropolis. At Vandenberghe’s side is Luk Thys, renowned Belgian food and travel photographer and Jacqueline Goossens, NYC resident for over 30 years. Throughout the book, they provide us with a visually stunning adventure that will make even the harshest food critics taste buds salivate.


Vandenberghe and crew escort us from the far corners of each of the 5 boroughs to the gourmet food trucks of midtown Manhattan to Scallion Pancakes under a bridge in Jackson Heights and hit famous stops such as Katz’s Delicatessen and Grand Central Oyster Bar Restaurant a long the way. Every stop presents us with culinary delight.


New York Street Food is a foodie’s treasure map but you need not follow its route to the end to find the true treasure. This lays in the history and stories behind the street food that they discover on the adventure that is New York street food.



By James McMenamin, Roaming Hunger

Twitter: @JFMcM





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