Dallas Contributor, Gina Gandy sounds off on the Little Greek Food Truck

Finding the right-cool spot at the right-cool time in Dallas can be tricky. Back a bazillion years ago when I went to SMU, Lower Greenville was all anyone talked about. Then the Granada closed and Uptown opened, and Deep Ellum never goes out of style, which left LG as only cool in the hipster-irony sense.


So when I moved back from LA recently, I wasn’t exactly sure where to go. Then I got word that the Texas Truck Yard had opened its doors – or in this case, its gate – in Lower Greenville. But I thought we had shunned LG? Nope. It’s time to go back.


I will admit feeling a sense of confusion for the first few moments in the Yard. Then I realized – deep in the heart of Lower Greenville is this little fenced-in nugget of Austin. That is simply the best way to describe it. Guitars hanging from trees, a beat-up old Dodge as a centerpiece of the park, the main bar serving out of an Airstream, everyone has their dog in tow, and above the performance stage is a bar in a treehouse overlooking the Yard.


In terms of grub, I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d find – word is, the calendar is either not always up-to-date, or that the food trucks at the Truck Yard fluctuate on any given day. Doesn’t matter, I’m told– everything there is good. But I didn’t feel like a slider, and I had a hot dog earlier that day. Something – and I’m not sure exactly what – was telling me to eat at the Little Greek Food Truck.




I’m so glad I was beckoned there. Feta cheese fries and overflowing gyros. Baklava.  Hummus. Some of the best tzatziki I’ve ever tasted. And one of my best friends in Greek.


The price is a little steep for a food truck, but it’s worth it, because you’re not getting little sample-size portions. This is a meal.


So, I order feta fries and a gyro, of course. Take my little buzzer, which conveniently reminds those that are enjoying the selection of beer and liquor available at the Yard that the buzzer is not your cell phone.


This is not your phone


Remember that Greek food takes a bit of time to cook, but good Greek is so worth the wait. Little Greek Food Truck was no exception. The lamb was among the best I’ve eaten, even at a sit-down white-tablecloth restaurant. This place also takes the time to cut their vegetables fresh, and adds little touches like chopped parsley to the feta fries. After taking my time to savor every bite, I immediately found @LilGreekTruck on Twitter so I can find them again and again.


So, listen to me, or listen to you rumbling gut, or listen to the signs – EAT at Little Greek Food Truck, no matter where it’s parked, and go to Texas Truck Yard to see what right-cool right-now things you’ll discover. Oopah!


Photos & Article by Gina Marie Gandy


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