Take a mouth-watering dive into Taste of Tanzania, By Miriam R. Kinunda

Expand your culinary horizons with A Taste of Tanzania by author Miriam Rose Kinunda.  This cookbook offers a mouthwatering collection of simple, healthy and flavorful Swahili recipes that anybody can prepare at home.


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A literal and figural melting pot, hundreds of years of trade brought Arab, Indian, and European flavors to the ports and kitchens of Tanzania. Staples like rice, coconut milk, cashews, beans, tomatoes, cooked bananas, eggplant and BBQ meats and, of course, pungent spices, and are bolstered by diverse local ingredients.


We’ve included a couple recipes here, Fish in Coconut Sauce and Plantain Futari, that sound delicious and uniquely Tanzanian.


Recipe: Fish in Coconut Sauce– Samaki Wa Nazi


Most Tanzanians prefer their fish fried. They often use the fried fish to prepare a delicious stew. At [Miriam’s] home, however, [she] prefers to broil the fish. If you’d like to prepare this dish in the traditional way, deep-fry the fish first.


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Miriam has personalized these authentic Tanzanian recipes to make them easy for the home cook and encourages further experimentation with your favorite ingredients.



Recipe: Plantain Futari– Futari Ya Ndizi Mzuzu


The favorite recipe for plantain in many cultures is to deep fry plantain. But in Tanzania, [they] like to cook as a side dish with coconut cream or just boil with water and salt.


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If you’re looking to mix it up in the kitchen, we encourage this approachable cookbook that explores the flavors of Africa.


Roaming Hunger’s Kat Rotramel wrote this article, and will be creating a few dishes from Taste of Tanzania. Updates and photos to come!


–Ryan Carlin, Roaming Hunger