Cities with Great Food Truck Scenes

The food truck scene may be old news in cities like LA but in most of the country, roaming restaurants are just heating up! From tacos to crème brulee, you can buy just about anything from a food truck nowadays. The food truck community is growing and its mobile which is why it’s still bubbling up in cities across the country.



So, where should you visit right now to discover what’s new in food trucks? The following cities have awesome food truck scenes that deserve a second look.



GetSauced1Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
The Twin Cities has a super-active food truck scene and it’s unusual because it’s totally seasonal. When the weather warms up, residents can expect eats from AZ Eats (a truck from Travel Channel host Andrew Zimmern), the Foxy Falafel, and even Get Sauced (pictured left), a truck focused solely on sauce-heavy foods  like barbecue. Twitter is the go-to source for food truck information around the Twin Cities.




Portland, Oregon
Portland has an incredibly active roaming food scene and here they call them “food carts.” Trucks aren’t allowed within the downtown limits but there are several lots that offer a wide variety of stationary “carts” serving food truck fare called pods. A few fan favorites are All Jarred Up, serving pie out of mason jars; Chez Dodo, which serves Mauritian cuisine; and Hapa Ramen, which serves, well, Ramen noodles in every form imaginable.


photo 2Charlotte, NC
Who knew bankers liked food trucks? Charlotte’s food truck scene has been growing slowly for years and there’s now a monthly “Food Truck Friday” that’s standing-room only. Many of the trucks here focus on locally-grown Carolina ingredients and southern fare. Comfort Food on Wheels, The Herban Legend, and Roots are all names of a few of the city’s most frequented trucks.






San Antonio, TX
The city of San Antonio is investing heavily in the food truck culture. Last year saw the opening of the city’s first sanctioned “food truck park” and residents are really responding to the city’s roaming fare. Favorite trucks include (of course) barbecue from Angus Smoke Shop, Spanish sandwich fare from Cheeks and Chops, and The Grilled Cheese Truck. Of course, San Antone’s super-hot summer temps welcome a plethora of ice cream, gelato, and shaved ice trucks, too.


image 2

St. Louis, MO
The Show Me state has quite an affinity for food trucks. People here can’t get enough barbecue on wheels, naturally, but ethnic food is really taking off in the land-locked city, too. There’s an annual food truck festival and a couple of food truck nights a month around the city where locals frequent trucks called Seoul Taco, Shell’s Coastal Cuisine, and 2 Girls 4 Wheels. Clever, St. Louis.





Orlando, FL
Orlando’s thriving tourism scene makes it an obvious choice for a food truck fan base. The city’s never been known for culinary inventiveness but its local roaming restaurants are pushing the boundaries. Gracie’s Korean Short Ribs is a hit, as is the Lobster Roll. The Crepe Company is popular among families and there’s a truck that sells nothing but hummus. Orlando’s food truck scene is huge in the catering market, too.


Whatever your taste you can now find a food truck to fit. Of course, major metropolitan areas have been nomming on food trucks for years but some smaller-sized cities are just getting a taste of the food truck phenomenon and that means great things for residents and restaurant owners alike!


Ryan Currie is a product manager at, with 5 years experience in online marketing and product development.  In addition to web related businesses, he also enjoys the latest news and information on emerging technologies and open source projects