La Petite Assiette

Confronted by her own health and dietary limitations – gluten intolerance and Mastocytosis, a blood disorder causing reactivity to a long list of medications, air born allergens, food allergies and periodic debilitating fatigue –Patricia Harrington refused to opt out of the joys of food and healthy living. Instead, she wrote her own cookbook.


“La Petite Assiette” is the quintessential tool for those, albeit by necessity or desire, seeking a delicious, healthy alternative to a wheat based diet. Written by a lifelong foodie, homemaker, and self-taught cook and baker, Patricia Harrington is passionate about healthy, clean eating, local sustainability, family tradition and comfort food. Her emphasis on using heirloom varietals from local farmers is a constant theme throughout her gluten free recipes.


As a dancer, Patricia developed a keen awareness of the body and how it works. Suffering through a serious strain of the 1918 influenza in college forced Patricia to research the long lasting health effects of contracting this strain of flu. Eating healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle that nourishes the body and mind has been a necessity for her.


“Having to change your food preferences to accommodate a food allergy or autoimmune disorder can be confusing and discouraging. Hopefully, my cookbook helps the cook feel confident and encouraged to bake again,” Harrington said.


About the Author


Patricia Harrington is a gluten free cook and baker living in Portland, Oregon. She has worked for popular catering companies in Portland, Oregon and in Santa Barbara, California. She has been owner of several small catering companies, including an on-site food service for small film crews in the Portland area. Her most recent catering venture, La Petite Assiette – “the small plate” – came about while working at a wine bar; she paired food with the weekly wine tasting, with an emphasis on produce and cheeses from local farmers. Her travels thru France and Spain have influenced and inspired her desire to continue to blend the sophistication of city meals with the ease of country cooking and then making it all gluten free.


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