Gina Marie Gandy Faces the Healthy Food Truck Challenges of DFW

Sauzy’s Gourmet Burgers and Sandwiches

Fort Worth, Texas





As executive chef for a health food store, I admit a sense of guilt in bringing you only the dripping, gooey, loveliness that most food trucks provide. Being privy to only the DFW area, I of course cannot tell you for certain that this is the case for food trucks everywhere, but it dawned on me recently that the wares of the local trucks reflect what we DFWers enjoy – devilishly delicious delicacies that are smothered, covered, and doused in greasy, gobbley goodness.



My hunt for a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, or otherwise health-conscious truck led me to Clearfork Food Truck Park in Fort Worth, where an elusive vegan truck was meant to be parked on this beautiful Easter weekend. Much to my dismay, the truck was not to be found. So, I began a mission – to prove that it is possible to enjoy a food truck park and still align yourself to your still-unbroken New Year’s Resolution of healthy eating (we all still keep those past January 2nd…right?).






I am delighted to report that my mission was a success. Tucked in the back of the park, alongside the running/biking trail that surrounds the serene Trinity River, I discovered Sauzy’s Gourmet Burgers and Sandwiches. Scanning the menu, my eyes – and heart – stopped on a Beet Burger. As a woman with a fondness for beets, I asked how it was prepared and was delighted to be speaking with the owner, who created the recipe of ground beets and quinoa herself. Waiting for my order to be called, I watched as more bikers (think Schwinn, not Harley) pulled up to the park, and felt an even greater sense of accomplishment in my health-food-finding mission when the beet burger was served, alongside – not fries – but a mouth-watering wasabi slaw. Biting into the burger, which was dressed like your normal In-n-Out, I was delighted by the texture, the flavor, and the freshness of my meal. I looked around at quite a few others enjoying the same dish and noticed our simultaneous realization that this beet burger was beyond scrumptious. In other words, forget devouring the devilishly delightful and go for the divine. It’s out there, ya just have to look for it. So stick to your New Year’s Resolution, or start a new one – summer is just around the corner!




Sauzy’s Gourmet Burgers and Sandwiches




Photos & Article by Gina Marie Gandy

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