(photo credit: The Cannabist)

It’s here.     It’s happening.     It’s Legal.     And delicious.



Seattle-based edible marijuana company, Magical Butter, has officially debuted the first marijuana-infused (legal and regulated) food truck in the nation in, where else, but Denver, Colorado. Magical Butter is best known for producing MB2 machines – machines that transform raw cannabis, via THC extraction (the herb’s active ingredient,) into a substance that can then be infused into foods or beverages for safe, easy consumption. For many medical cannabis patients, this eliminates health concerns associated with inhaling smoke.  Company CEO, Garyn Angel, debuted the truck at Denver’s Cannabis Cup this April to a very supportive and excited crowd.


The converted school bus boasts a menu with items ranging in potency from 30-100mg of THC.  Some of these dishes include, the Samich (sunbutter and jelly sandwich), Banh Mi (Vietnamese-style pork sandwich), and the aptly named for Colorado, Bronco Sandwich (BBQ pulled pork sandwich). Through his food truck, Angel not only wants to educate the public about cooking with cannabis, but has grand plans for the future. Not unlike many other food truck owners, he wishes to expand his truck into a fleet of trucks and eventually open a brick and mortar style beachfront restaurant. He hopes the restaurant will be an alternative option to getting food and (a few too many) drinks with friends on the weekends. However, even supporters of Angel’s cannabis caravan are weary whether he will be able to side-step a foreboding amount of legislation and restricting city regulations.

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