Crain’s: Food Truck Catering in The Cleve

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Photo Credit: Crain’s Cleveland Business

Food trucks have come along way since Roy Choi introduced Kogi BBQ on the streets of Los Angeles. They have come so far that they have permeated over 100 American cities and show no signs of slowing down. Outside of San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, what does the food truck landscape look like?

We’ll use Cleveland as an example from Crain’s Cleveland Business article posted today. The city is not really known for adventurous cuisine and a thriving food scene, but food trucks in the city are gaining serious hype. Upwards of 60 trucks roam the streets of Cleveland on any given day, but where is their business focused when not serving Walnut Wednesday or Food Truck Fridays? The answer is simple. Catering. 

If a truck is able fill up it’s calendar with purely catering gigs, it most likely will– a definite downside for the food truck fanatic looking to track down their favorite truck. On the flip side, if you’re looking to host a party of 50 people or more, “The food truck really becomes an affordable option if you’re looking to serve more than 50 people and are only looking to spend $500 to $600,” [Ross] Resnick [Roaming Hunger’s founder] said. “You get really good made-to-order food for $10 to $15 a person.”

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