Searching for Burgers in DFW

Photos and Article by Gina Marie Gandy

Ever since I began writing for Roaming Hunger – Dallas, all I’ve heard is “Oh! Have you been to Texas Truck Yard?! You HAVE to try their Philly cheese steak,” and “OMG Have you tried the Philly Cheese Steaks at the Truck Yard? I’m FROM Philly, and I know what I’m talking about.”

Ok, ok, ok, thank you. I’ll be sure to try it sometime. Sheesh.

Well, this past weekend, I happened to find myself at the Texas Truck Yard with my best friend in from Los Angeles. Upon walking in, I of course mention said <ahem> suggestions from friends to try this magical cheese steak, made, as it turns out, not on a truck, but by the park itself inside its covered patio. Either way, we were on the hunt for a good ol’ fashioned cheeseburger, so we went along our merry way.  We found a truck that was devoted to just that, and waited with bated breath, salivating for what looked like it would be a delicious dinner.

I’ve always fancied myself a bit of a burger authority, so when I took my first bite into what, on first glance appeared to be the juiciest burger this side of Bob’s Big Boy and instead found an undercooked and, more appalling, under-flavored mess, I decided we must turn our attention to what this spot is known for – its Philly Cheese Steak.


Though I normally take word-of-mouth with a grain of salt, being the food “connoisseur” (read: snob) that I am, I am sooo glad that this time, I trusted my friends’ advice.

Watching the chef chop the steak in with the onions and peppers and slather the pile with Cheeze Whiz, I knew we were in for a treat. A portion so large we had to eat half of the cheesy, flavorful goodness with a fork and knife just to be able to fold over the perfectly toasted baguette, I had to admit, with my mouth full, that my friends were right. I’ll listen to them next time, and though food trucks, like brick-and-mortar restaurants, can be hit-or-miss, it was a pleasant and humbling surprise to know that if you stumble across an occasional miss at this particular park, you can always count on their staple. Enjoy with my friends’ – and my – highest recommendation.

Photos & Article by Gina Marie Gandy

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