The Revolution is FRESH

Photo Cred: Fresh Street Food Truck

Jon Young, after over a decade of working in the corporate world, knew it was time to quit his job as a mid-level corporate manager to open a food truck that provided the type of fresh, healthy and wholesome food he wanted to eat every single day.

Where there was previously a vast void in the food truck industry for healthy options, the fresh food trend is now thriving in Los Angeles and the Fresh Street Food Truck, owned and operated by Young, is at the forefront. After the continual consumption of unhealthy food proved to be compromising to his health, and with “68% of all diseases in the US being diet related”, according to the Surgeon General’s report on Nutrition and Health, a need for change was obvious.

Jon’s main focus is to utilize the Fresh Street Food Truck to serve dishes made from fresh and whole ingredients, in order to connect with people who care about what they’re putting into their bodies.  As Young states, “I’m just trying to give people [fresh] options” in an industry that caters to a largely heavy food scene.

In order to provide options and provoke change, Jon has made a vow to keep many of the items featured on his truck free of the following items: High fructose corn syrup; Artificial colors, flavorings, and preservatives; hydrogenated oil; Mono-sodium glutamate; Potassium bromate; Sodium nitrites; BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole); BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene); Azodicarbonamide; Bisphenol A (BPA); Sodium benzoate; Carrageenan; and Brominated vegetable oil, all of which are posted on a sign on the front of the truck.

The truck specializes in paninis and bowls, and nearly all of the products available are made on the truck itself, including home-made beverages and his signature spicy mayo.

Veggie Panini
“Veggie Wow Panini” Photo Cred: Fresh Street Food Truck
Burrito Bowl Fresh Street Food
“Burrito Bowl” Photo Cred: Fresh Street Food Truck

The Fresh Street Food truck menu provides great options for vegan, vegetarian and meat-eaters alike, with a variety of options in the form of burrito bowls, ‘Bollywood Bowls’, tacos and salads.  The ‘Bollywood Bowl’ adds an Indian flare to the menu, and is served with either curry chicken or curry vegetables over rice, with sliced cucumber, cilantro, and creamy yogurt sauce.  Their tacos are a fresh take on Mexican tradition, consisting of cabbage, salsa, diced cucumber, a fresh squeeze of lemon, and cotija cheese. Tacos come with either roasted poblano peppers or juicy southwest chicken flavored with an array of peppers, garlic, and cumin. In addition, the sesame salads provide a taste of Asia comprised of shredded carrots, sliced green and red cabbage, house made sesame dressing, toasted sesame seeds, kosher salt, and citrus pepper.

During a recent truck visit to Roaming Hunger HQ, we were able to sample a few of the main dishes. One sandwich in particular stood out: the Veggie Wow Panini, a dish with warm and melted pepper jack cheese, roasted red peppers, smooth avocado spread, vine ripened tomatoes, and spicy honey mustard, all on garlic-infused sourdough bread, grilled until golden brown. The house-made honey mustard, included on many of the featured paninis, is like no other, and will make you think twice about purchasing store-bought mustard ever again.

Another standout dish is the Chicken Burrito Bowl. Almost immediately after the ‘food truck handoff,’ you are hit with the aroma of southwest seasonings. The dish is topped off with black beans, fresh cotija cheese, roasted poblano peppers, cilantro, avocado, and a dash of citrus pepper. Not only is this dish full of flavor, but the serving size is enough to feed yourself and a friend, or you can always save a bit for later.

To compliment these flavor-packed dishes, Fresh Street offers handcrafted drinks like strawberry lemonade made from freshly squeezed lemon juice, iced and sweet tea, and strawberry coconut water. Their specialty drink is the ‘Tropical Restart,’ also known as “the hangover helper,” a fusion of strawberry lemonade and coconut water, the perfect aid to a speedy recovery after a crazy night out.

Now more than ever, the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and exploring one’s passions has seen a great resurgence.  As many have learned, they would rather take all of the risks that come with following their dreams and passions, over continuing with jobs that are detrimental to their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Many, like Jon Young, are following their foodie dreams and creating food trucks based around items they are passionate about.  People are using their previously-subdued passions to provoke change through food trucks. This is embodied by the birth of the Fresh Street Food Truck.

Be sure to look out for the Fresh Street Food Truck serving paninis and Fresh Food near you!

-Roaming Hunger