First Merlindia, Now North Korea?

We thought Merlindia was far, far away for a food truck to come from….

….but a North Korean food truck might take home the crown for “Least Likely Food Truck to Appear in the Streets of a Major US City.”

Enter the Pyongyang Express, a new food truck offering “North Korean BBQ”

Now if each taco came with a pair of Kim Jong Il sunglasses, we may be compelled to eat there daily.

“Lots of people don’t know the true nature of how wonderful the food of North Korea is. And in true spirit of working people, Pyongyang Express is best truck for subsidized food,” says Kim, Jun-Hee the Marketing Manager for Pyongyang Express.

And $1 for tacos is difficult to ignore, especially if they are “made to honor the DPRK.”