Chef Carleen A. Anderson of Nosredna Mobile Eatery

With a company mission of catering to the “clients’ wants, our communities’ needs and our God-directed vision,” owner and chef Carleen Anderson has a clear focus on service with her food truck, catering company, and life.


As a Sergeant in the Army National Guard, Chef Anderson serves the community once per month, leaving her children to run her catering company and mobile eatery, because of the satisfaction derived from “knowing I am proud in each life-role I serve,” and because her “heart smiles when I see the fruit of the seeds I’ve planted”. But delve a little deeper, and you’ll see that the drive to find the intricate balance of public service and running a company comes not only from her faith and her call to serve, but, most importantly, her family.

Lemonade Sign
Lemonade Sign
Anderson & Family
Anderson & Family

Chef Anderson’s life-long love of cooking can be traced back to 2nd grade, when her attempt at a cake for her parents’ anniversary, sans baking powder but teeming with shortening, was a disaster in the kitchen but the start of a passion that has carried her through life. In fact, it was a Sweet 16 birthday cake for her daughter’s friend that, years later, she attributes as the start of what is now the Nosredna boutique catering company and mobile eatery.

She was well on her way to becoming a banker three years ago when the call for the cake came. That success lead to a referral, which lead to another, and before she knew it, she was launching a catering company with her children. Even the name of her company and food truck, nosredna, reflects the love Chef Anderson has for her family.

Particularly proud of her company’s unique lemonade line, for which her 8 year-old son recently pitched a Blueberry Basil flavor, Anderson also offers handmade paninis and desserts that are a collaborative creative effort with her supportive children.

I asked Chef Anderson what makes her company so fulfilling, and her answer was a reflection of her faith, her love for her family, and her service to the community: “While we do feed appetites on a traditional level, I am also honored to feed those starving for hope. To share my life’s journey with others and to inspire them to know that no matter your beginnings, happenings or soon-to-be’s, you as an individual can choose to grab hold of every opportunity and to live life to the fullest.”

If you’re in the Dallas Fort-Worth area be sure to look out for Nosredna Mobile Eatery!

Article – Interview of Chef Carleen Anderson, by Gina Marie Gandy

Photos – Gina Gandy, with additional contribution by Chef Carleen Anderson