S’more Sandwich Recipe

S'mores Sandwich


2 slices of Bread

Peanut Butter*

Chocolate chips*

Marshmallow Fluff *

*use fillings liberally, it’s a s’more extravaganza, the more you use the messier it will get!


1. Preheat your oven’s broiler

2. On one slice of bread spread peanut butter

3.Place chocolate chips in the peanut butter

4. Coat the other slice of bread with marshmallow fluff and put the two slices together

5. Place the sandwich on a baking sheet and put in broiler for 1 minute and then flip and allow to cook for another minute

6. Place napkin or adult size bib in your shirt

7. Enjoy!

These ooey-goey sandwiches can also be made in a pan or skillet instead. If you are making the sandwiches on a stove top feel free to spread butter on the bread, like you would a traditional grilled cheese. For an additional crunch factor, crumble up some graham crackers and place them inside or along the edge!

Just in case you don’t have all the ingredients required to complete the perfect sandwich, we’ve provided you with S’more-gous board of food trucks that serve s’more inspired dishes! You can find them here.

-Roaming Hunger