Sweet Day Cheat Day

This months’ theme is “The Sweet Tooth”,  a time for Roaming Hunger foodies to share their guilty pleasures! Since Sundays are usually my cheat days, this past weekend my friend Kim and I decided to head over to The Presidio to partake in an afternoon of indulgence. Picnic in the Presidio is one of the largest in the Bay Area, and consists of over 20 food truck and tent vendors, a full bar, and a mimosa tent. The park overlooks Crissy Fields and the Golden Gate Bridge, so it’s quite easy to spend the day here just hanging out with friends and having an epic Sunday Funday.   After smashing on some Braised Beef Oxtails over grits and downing an ice cold IPA, it was time to venture out into the diverse crowds of families, hipsters, and dogs to find a few desserts that would allow my taste buds to run wild.

Lemon Ricotta Doughnuts From Streatery
Lemon Ricotta Doughnuts From Streatery From Streatery

As we looked over the menu at the Go Streatery truck, the alluring description of “Lemon Ricotta Doughnuts” sold us instantly. These doughnuts were freshly fried and piping hot, so we needed to wait a minute or two before taking the first bite, but it was surely worth the wait. The outer layer was nice and crisp, with a light dusting of powdered sugar. In my first bite I got a bursting flavor of fresh lemon zest that was not too sour, and far from artificial.  I expected the ricotta cheese to add an excessive creaminess, but instead it made for a perfectly moist interior. I enjoyed the fact that these weren’t overly sweet doughnuts either.

Organic Lemon Cookie from Three Twins Ice Cream

We continued our journey around the event and came across Three Twins Ice Cream. Kim immediately noticed the “Organic Lemon Cookie” item on the menu, a flavor which she hadn’t had the luxury of tasting before. According to Three Twins, it’s their most tweeted about flavor, and people “throw a hissy fit” when they run out. The Lemon Cookie ice cream is comprised of all organic ingredients and little pieces of vanilla sandwich creme cookies. Within your first bite, your palate is loaded with a luscious creamy, yet slightly tart flavor, and little bits of cookie to balance the bite of the lemon.

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee from the Creme Brulee Cart

Just as we were getting ready to relax on the grass for a bit, I see the Creme Brulee Cart in the distance. Speaking of guilty pleasures, I am a complete sucker for this piece of heaven that was fostered in France! The first thing I did, after the gentleman handed me my shiny silver cup of “Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee,” was touch the caramelized glaze to test its crispness. My finger basically ice skated across the surface of the smooth sugary treat. I then took my spoon, broke the layer of glaze and felt the spoon slowly submerge into the thick layer of custard. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to savor the first bite of heaven. It wasn’t too sweet, and the crunch of the glaze paired ever so perfectly with the thick and creamy custard. Each bite was simply mesmerizing. The vanilla they use is intense, yet not overwhelming, and while I  initially thought the portion was a tad on the small side, honestly, it was so rich I couldn’t imagine eating anything larger. At the end of this day, my sweet tooth had definitely met its match, and I was ready to start the week with a big fat happy smile on my face.

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