Dude, Where’s My Cart?

Our friends at La Cocina have launched quite a promotion to kickstart the summer fun of street food.

Cartspotting, of course, is when you ‘spot’ or find a cart, snap a photo, and upload it to the website.

Why? You ask (other than the innate desire to make everyone you know feel like they don’t eat quite as well as you do) because there are some serious prizes here: “The top 8 vendors that are not already in La Cocina’s Street Food Festival in August will win a chance to participate in the event, so show your love for the taco trucks and sizzling carts and help them rise to the top of the Cartspotting ranks with your votes. Cartspotters will have a chance to win prizes for visiting the most carts or taking the best picture during the contest period.”

The first 100 people to vote will get $5 off their purchase of a Street Food Festival Passport. Voters will be emailed at the close of the contest with a promotion code and directions for redeeming their prize. More information about Passports: http://www.sfstreetfoodfest.com/2010/?page_id=151

Have fun and happy spotting!