Seniors Fight for Medicare Advantage with Cookies

There are more than 16 million people who use Medicare Advantage plans – a part of Medicare that provides affordable, extensive medical coverage to people over 65 and those with disabilities. Despite the millions of Americans using these plans, little by little Congress has been chipping away at these benefits. In fact, this April, Washington will look to impose additional cuts during a time when health care costs continue to rise at an alarming rate.

Medicare Truck

To raise awareness of this issue, seniors in the Coalition for Medicare Choices are using a creative way to protest against these healthcare cuts. Beginning today through Wednesday, March 11, these seniors will be in downtown Washington D.C. and Capitol Hill in the Medicare Advantage Food Truck. During these three days, seniors using Medicare Advantage will be handing out cookies, coffee and sharing their personal stories about why it’s important to keep these significant benefits in tact.

Medicare Truck - Customers

Medicare Truck - Coffee











If you want to support the cause, swing by for some sweet treats handed out by sweet people, hear about their stories and learn why Medicare Advantage is important to seniors and those with disabilities. Follow their progress this week at @MAFoodTruckInstagram and Vine for updates on the truck’s location and activities.

-Roaming Hunger