You Had Me at Bacon

Everyone knows that the fastest way to anyone’s heart is by feeding them bacon. Fortunately, there’s a truck in the San Francisco Bay Area that delivers that love and they simply go by, Bacon Bacon. Jim Angelus founded the truck in 2011 and the brand has since expanded to include two trucks and a brick-and-mortar spot, located in the Upper Haight District.

Jim spent many years working in the food industry and always had a huge passion for anything pork related. His first truck was self-funded and created with the desire to spread his love of bacon. Bacon Bacon’s popularity rose quickly and Jim was able to open a brick-and-mortar location, which serves breakfast items all day long, such as bacon scones and bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. Unfortunately, a few neighbors in the area petitioned to have them close down, due to the aromatic nature of his menu items. After a year of dealing with city permits, remodeling and installing an “odor abatement system,” Jim won the battle and re-opened the Bacon Bacon Cafe, in the Spring of 2014.

Bacon Bacon Truck SF
photo cred: Brian Chan

The menu items Jim dishes out aren’t your typical bacon-centric foods. In fact, they are gourmet items that feature bacon as both the main attraction as well as the co-star. Many of the dishes contain their signature bacon jam, which consists of a combination of pork, maple syrup, coffee, onions, garlic, honey and apple cider vinegar. You’ll noticeably find this jam on their signature sandwich – the Bacon Grilled Cheese – that has a thick layer of jam spread across each slice of bread. You can even purchase a jar of their bacon jam from either the food truck or at the cafe.

I paid a visit to the Bacon Bacon truck on two separate occasions last month, in order to taste the variety of delicacies that aren’t regularly on the menu. The first event was at the Bacon and Beer Festival in Oakland, where they served an amazing beef and bacon chili topped with a handful of crispy cheddar Goldfish snacks.

Bacon Bacon SF - Bacon Chili
photo cred: Brian Chan

The 2nd event was San Francisco’s National Corn Dog Day celebration, where their special for the day was “The Bacon Bacon Corndog Deconstructed.” It consisted of a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with corn and bacon salsa, served on a traditional hot dog bun.

Bacon Bacon - Deconstructed Corn Dog
Photo Cred: Brian Chan

And don’t think I stopped there. I also had to indulge in a few more staple menu items, which can be found daily on either truck. First, I ordered “The Belly,” which has two thick slices of pork belly topped with a fried runny farm egg, arugula and caper aioli.

Bacon Bacon - The Belly
Photo Cred: Brian Chan

“The Belly” was then followed by the “Bacon Fried Chicken” sandwich; a panko & bacon encrusted chicken breast with coleslaw and bacon mayo.

Bacon Bacon - Bacon Fried Chicken Sandwich
Photo Cred: Brian Chan

For the encore, there was the “The California Bacon BBQ Burrito.” This monster of a burrito is stuffed with pulled pork, crispy pork belly, bacon, french fries AND coleslaw.

Bacon Bacon - California Bacon BBQ Burrito
California Bacon BBQ Burrito – Photo Cred: Brian Chan

If you’re not bacon-ed out after reading this article, you can find the Bacon Bacon Truck parked at two different locations daily, for both lunch and dinner service. You can also visit the Bacon Bacon Cafe at 205A Frederick St in the Upper Haight neighborhood of San Francisco.


-Bay Area Contributor, Brian Chan

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