Consumer Wine Awards

Consumer Wine AwardsThis Saturday marks the 2015 Consumer Wine Awards, which will be held at the McClellan Conference Center in Sacramento, California.  The annual event is a full day’s worth of food and wine as foodies and winos alike will have the opportunity to evaluate wines and experience different food and wine pairings – a new addition to the popular format. Don’t worry – this isn’t your typical competition as judging will come from consumer wine evaluators and not professional or specially trained wine judges.

Tim Hanni Wine Awards
Tim Hanni

Alongside the consumer judging, there will be a seminar on de-mystifying what we know as food and wine pairing. Using different kinds of food, attendees will explore the world of Vinotypes, sensory illusions and Flavor Balancing – the alternative to wine and food pairing. The seminar, which will be moderated by Master of Wine, chef, international wine consultant and co-founder of the Consumer Wine Awards, Tim Hanni, will provide a new look on the food and wine pairing many of folks are accustom to. This is the time for wine lovers to take a step outside of their comfort zone.

All day event starts at 8:15am for the first round of registration and moves into the CWA (consumer wine awards) tasting, which will last until 11:30am. At that time, consumer judges will have the opportunity to try all kinds of wine and vote on which wines were the most intriguing, tasty and appealing.

After lunch, the second shift of evaluators will register, participate in the CWA tasting and enjoy the aforementioned seminar (which is also open to the public if they’ve purchased a ticket).

wine grapes

In the late afternoon, there will be a fun “therapy” session hosted by blogger Christine Trice followed by an after party at 6pm, to celebrate the end of another successful Consumer Wines Awards. If you’re a fan of wine and want to get out and try something new, this event is definitely worth checking out!


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