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About Columbus Food Trucks

Christopher Columbus, the explorer for whom this city was named, would no doubt be venturing to this street food mecca if he were alive today. This urban island in the center of rural Ohio is the state’s largest city; therefore, Columbus has a lot of hungry mouths to feed, including the students of America’s third largest University, Ohio State. Food trucks are constantly making their way into buckeye territory. Mikey’s Late Night Slice truck provides their signature “Spicy-Ass Pepperoni” slices to those stumbling back to their dorms at two in the morning. After a late night, students can indulge in the ultimate hangover cure, the Tatoheads truck’s breakfast burrito wrap that features chorizo, egg, cheese and French fries. Columbus residents don’t have to kick it with the college kids to find these amazing food trucks; The Dinin’ Hall in Franklinton hosts a variety of trucks and as an added bonus they offer free seating as well. No matter what you’re craving, let it be known to foodies everywhere that Columbus is certainly worth exploring. If you’re ready for a food truck adventure, check out our live food truck map and get eating.