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About Juice on the Loose

Juice on the Loose was created to bring the most unique and wholesome spin on juicing. We are firm believers (and our track record proves it too!) that a juice a day will keep your mind, body, skin and soul strong and focused. We know what you're thinking: where are your cleanses? To be frank, cleanses can help the body shed a few pounds in a short time span but is extremely detrimental to your body (we'll explain why below) in the long run. Benefits of Daily Juice Extraction Lets face it. Our bodies would love us to instantly consume 6 carrots, 1 tomato, 1 whole celery heart, a few apples, lemons, and a cucumber but it is impossible to do so without feeling ill from the overexertion it takes to break down all the nutrients. This is where Juice on the Loose comes in to break down the fruits and vegetables for you and allows your body to instantly absorb 100% of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Maximum gain with no pain. Mix the juice in with a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats and your body will stay in tip-top shape. Having one of our juices daily will: - Promote Anti-Aging - Alleviate Symptoms of - Fight Disease - Increase Metabolic Rate and Fat Burn - Enhance Immunity - Prevent Cancer - Stimulate Weight Loss - Beautify skin tone - Unclog pores - Fortify hair, nails, teeth - Regenerate cells - Suppress Appetite - Detoxify blood and remove impurities - Increase energy and uplift mood Why Cleanses (Unfortunately) Aren't Good For You: A huge misconception when it comes to "juice cleanses" and "detoxes" is that your mindset needs to be set on ridding everything in your body. That is definitely not the case, as the most important thing in life is maintaining balance and fortifying your daily diet with the health benefits from juice. Typically, a person will not consume adequate calories during a juice fast, causing them to put their body at risk for being in ketosis (starvation mode). Another downfall is that most people discontinue juicing post-cleanse and revert to old habits. With cleanses, it eradicates all of the daily nutrients and fuel one would usually receive from consuming proteins, grains and healthy fats and adequate amounts of fruit and vegetable juice. Effects of Completing a Juice Cleanse: Quick fix to weight loss as one loses mainly water weight Severe calorie restriction causes body to go into starvation -mode AKA ketosis Leads to long-term detriments such as organ failure, kidney stones, dehydration and gout Causes headache, fatigue, exhaustion, body odor and bad breath Promotes acid reflux due to lack of protein and high acidic concentration Disrupts metabolic rate and encourages nutrient deficiencies Excessive water and vitamin-rich juices gleaned during a cleanse provides short term skin glow but long term premature wrinkles Euphoria experienced during juice cleanse may be a sign that the body thinks it is starving and is trying to prevent suffering Without sufficient protein the body turns to muscle for fuel, slowing metabolism and promotes long-term weight gain

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Juice on the Loose available in my city?

Juice on the Loose serves Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Keep in mind that for catering, they may add a travel fee if it's outside of their normal travel radius.

What type of food does Juice on the Loose serve?

Juice on the Loose serves the following cuisine types: Smoothies, Sweet, Vegetarian

What types of services (equipment) does Juice on the Loose have?

Juice on the Loose has the following types of services: Food Truck

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