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Food truck .................Functioning Business with Events Booked

GMC/350 Stepvan/1995

Build a Custom Food truck

Find out why building a custom food truck can be the best way to start your mobile food business.


  • Title: Food truck .................Functioning Business with Events Booked
  • Price: 149998
  • Current Location of Truck: Florida
  • Year: 1995
  • Make: GMC
  • Current Permits: City of Orlando, State of Florida DBPR, Orange County
  • Model: 350 Stepvan
  • Mileage: 176000
  • Gas or Diesel: gas
  • Length: 26'
  • Height: 14'



    • Flat-top Grill
    • Steam Table
    • Deep Fryer


    • Refrigeration
    • Freezer
    • Inside/Outside Fridge
    • Cold Well Holding


    • Paper towel dispenser
    • Hand Wash Sink
    • Soap Dispenser
    • 3 Compartment Sink


    • Shelving
    • A/C Unit
    • Radio
    • Speaker System


    • Propane
    • Generator
    • Exhaust Fans
    • Fire/Ansel System


Don’t buy an existing food truck that wasn’t properly maintained that could cause you a lot of expenses in the near future. Why buy a food truck that went out of business when you can buy a thriving operating food truck business in Florida.We have put in the ground work. All you have to do is step in and hit the ground running! We are constantly booked for both public and private events. You could start earning money immediately! When you purchase our business, you’ll already be booked for events. You will receive a list of locations with contacts where we normally operate, eliminating you having to figure everything out on your own and at your expense. Don’t waste your time and money on trying to figure out the logistics, where you can park, where you can’t park, who to work with, who not to work with, and how to get into events. This knowledge could save you THOUSANDS of dollars. The truck is fully licensed and certified! We have the proper fire systems in place and one of the few cities that approved food trucks! The new fire code is a headache. We’ve learned what was required and are compliant with the new state law. We are offering 2 weeks training with the sale. Combined, we have over 30 years experience in the restaurant industry and over 6 years owning and operating Treehouse Truck. You will learn our insider secrets, how to eliminate food waste making your profits higher, our recipes and how to prepare them, our catering menus that make for the most efficient service and higher volume for bigger sales. We lease a building in Downtown , very ideal for the traveled food truck. The food truck is parked INSIDE a locked garage. This location has a separate room for storage, trash, fryer waste, water, electric hookups and a bathroom all on site. There is also plenty of paved parking for you and your employees. You can open up for sales on City Soccer games, concerts, Pro Bowl, and any other special events at no additional cost. The lease is currently $1100/month all inclusive. We are very happy with our business and the income it provides. We are wishing to move on to other things and hoping to find someone who is passionate about the industry and looking to start their own business. We will not shut the business down, nor are we going out of business. If we don’t find an interested buyer, we will continue to operate. The business is successful therefore the price is firm.