Go Green Clean Modern Solar Powered Food Cart , Bar

Rx 20 / Q5 / 2019

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About This Truck

  • Title: GO GREEN Clean Modern Solar Powered Food Cart , Bar
  • Price: $35,998
  • Current Location of Truck: Houston, Texas
  • Year: 2019
  • Make: RX 20
  • Current Permits:
  • Model: Q5
  • Mileage: 0
  • Gas or Diesel: gas
  • Length: 12
  • Height: 11

Equipment and Features:

  • Cooking
    • Flat-top Grill
    • Deep Fryer
    • Prep Space
    • Griddle
    • Combo Range
    • Burner Stove
  • Storage
    • Cabinets
    • Cold Well Holding
    • Freezer
    • Refrigeration
  • Beverage
    • Coffee Maker
  • Sanitation
    • Hand Wash Sink
    • Soap Dispenser
    • 3 Compartment Sink
    • 2 Compartment Sink
    • Paper towel dispenser
  • Extras
    • Stainless Steel Walls
    • Shelving
    • Storage
    • Winterization Package
    • Radio
    • Speaker System
    • Register
    • POS System
  • Operations
    • Propane
    • Exhaust Fans
    • Fire/Ansel System

Additional Details:

This very clean, solar powered food cart is available for sale, with other similar models available as well. It is lightweight for its size and features timeless construction materials. It has an aluminum frame and a fully aluminum or stainless interior. It weighs only 3,250 lbs. Its productive kitchen space allows you to serve food in bulk, but its design allows you to form personal, interactive relationships with customers. A wrap around countertop allows customers to hang out at your cart while they get a bite to eat. We can customize a cart to suit your needs and offer a full design / build service. Inquire on the site and we can get started!

Inquire About This trailer