Expresso Coffee Mini Bus

Chevrolet / Mini School Bus / 2002

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About This Truck

  • Price: $29,498
  • Current Location of Truck: Rolla MO
  • Year: 2002
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Current Permits: none needed
  • Model: Mini School Bus
  • Mileage: 130,000
  • Gas or Diesel: diesel
  • Length: 20 ft
  • Height: 9.5 ft

Equipment and Features:

  • Cooking
    • Flat-top Grill
    • Oven
    • Prep Space
    • Griddle
    • Burner Stove
  • Storage
    • Cabinets
    • Refrigeration
  • Beverage
    • Coffee Maker
    • Espresso Machine
  • Sanitation
    • Paper towel dispenser
    • Hand Wash Sink
    • Soap Dispenser
    • 3 Compartment Sink
  • Extras
    • Stainless Steel Walls
    • Shelving
    • Storage
    • Radio
    • Equipment Stand
  • Operations
    • Propane
    • Exhaust Fans

Additional Details:

is a one-of-a-kind Coffee/Food Truck that has been converted from a short school bus into a fully operational mobile food service business. The is a real head-turner on the street and is perfect for festivals, farmers markets, private parties, weddings, and corporate events. is a specialized truck centered around our espresso machine which allows us to serve all types of espresso coffee drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, etc. Other drinks is set up to serve include: French press coffee, cold brew coffee, hot and cold teas, lemonade and other cold drinks. While our main focus has been espresso, coffee, and other drinks, also comes with the equipment necessary to produce a wide range of food options using the propane oven and propane flat top grill. The inside has been completely outfitted with custom rustic cedar wood on cabinets and shelves. components include: Two 42 gallon water tanks – fresh and gray water. Three bin sink, plus separate hand washing sink. Propane indoor on-demand hot water heater A/C water pump Industrial side vented refrigerator Astoria Gloria 1 Group Italian Espresso Machine (operates on Electric and/or Propane) Filtration and softener setup for espresso machine All equipment and supplies required for pulling shots – group heads, pitchers, tampers, etc. Commercial adjustable coffee burr-grinder French press coffee setup – presses plus hot-holding carafes Multiple food prep counter spaces Small, portable propane oven with 2 burners on top Large, double burner, portable propane stove with removable, large, cast-iron flat-top grill 5 gallon, 2 ½ gallon, and one gallon cold beverage dispensers Large stainless steel steaming pots Various equipment, tools and containers for making and serving hot food Custom-made sliding serving window with fold-down exterior cedar wood shelf Undercounter storage and ceiling height shelves Portable chairs and tables for setting up an eating area if needed A-frame signs and 20+ foot Coffee feather flag for onsite advertising. Professionally created logo and branding for Eye-catching paint job with professionally-installed vinyl lettering and logo decals. Facebook sites with over 750 likes All menus and recipes All current supplies and inventory (hot and cold cups, lids, plates, etc.) We have gained a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the business that we are happy to pass on. We can demonstrate the various equipment that’s included and how we operate, as well as give specific espresso machine training. Our contacts and event schedules are a valuable resource for anyone local and we're happy to share them. We have a website and a good following on social media. This meets all requirements for passing a Health Department inspection in our county (Phelps) as well as for most all events in the state (Missouri). Some of our past events have included: This is a 2002 Chevrolet 3500 Diesel with around 130,000 miles. We have recently completed a number of repairs on the bus in order to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape and ready to keep going for years to come. These include: new front brake calipers and pads, rebuilt rear differential, new starter, and new batteries! Fulfill your food truck dreams with this turn-key operation! Please contact us for further information if you have serious interest in a possible purchase.

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