Roaming Hunger



Build a Custom Food truck

Find out why building a custom food truck can be the best way to start your mobile food business.


  • Price: 79998
  • Current Location of Truck: Minneapolis, MN
  • Year: 2001
  • Make: GM
  • Current Permits: MPLS Dept Health and Mn Dept of health
  • Model: WorkHorse
  • Mileage: 2000
  • Gas or Diesel: gas
  • Length: 27
  • Height: 12



    • Burner Stove
    • Steam Table
    • Deep Fryer
    • Prep Space
    • Panini Press
    • Griddle


    • Refrigeration
    • Freezer


    • Paper towel dispenser
    • Hand Wash Sink
    • Soap Dispenser
    • 3 Compartment Sink
    • 2 Compartment Sink


    • Stainless Steel Walls
    • Shelving
    • Storage
    • Equipment Stand
    • Register
    • POS System


    • Propane
    • Generator
    • Exhaust Fans
    • Fire/Ansel System


Ready to own a food truck?! Here is your opportunity. Selling as a turn key operation with current inventory and everything needed to be up to code with regulations from MN Dept of Health and MNDOT. You just need a concept and menu. We will put you in touch with a design team to help bring your concept to life and wrap the truck. Commissary kitchen and parking space located in north MPLS, 5 Minutes from Downtown MPLS and nearly every taproom. Also included is event contacts to insure your set for success. Selling 2001 Workhorse food truck, all maintenance records included. Brand New Engine with only 2K miles on it. And All inventory. Truck is in heated indoor storage, cost is covered till spring with purchase. Dishes: 2 Hot wells 1 Cambro insulated transport container (Capacity: 2 Hotel pans) 25 Pound dry ingredient storage bin 6 9th pans 2 Deep 6th pans 11 Short 6th pans 11 Deep 3rd pans (3 Lids) 4 Deep half hotel pans (2 Lids) 4 Full hotel pans 1 Full plastic hotel pan with perforated insert and lid 1 8 inch plastic hotel pan 1 Butter roller 6th pan 3 Stainless steel bowls (1 small, 1 Medium, 1 Large) 3 Pint sized stainless steel bowls 5 Quart stainless steel pot with lid and strainer insert 3 Quart stainless steel pot with lid 3 Stainless steel platters 1 12 inch non stick pan 2 6 inch non stick pans 2 12 inch stainless steel pans 9 Bus tubs with 2 lids 4 4 quart cambros with lids 4 2 quart cambros with lids 2 12 quart cambros with lids 1 6 quart cambro with lid Utensils 1 Fryer skimmer 1 Griddle Scraper 1 Cast iron burger press 8 Spatulas (Various sizes) 4 1 oz ladles 1 2 oz ladle 4 stainless steel tongs 1 oz portion scoop 1 Ice cream scoop 1 Whisk 1 Long stainless steel spoon 1 Food thermometer 1 Burger flipper 3 1 quart squeeze bottles 1 Stainless steel 3 pump condiment dispenser Dry Goods: 4 boxes large vinyl gloves 1 box thousand count gloves (compostbale) 1 Box thousand count knifes (compostable) 1 box 13 gallon recycled plastic garbage bags 1 box 18 gallon recycled plastic garbage bags 6 cans of stainless steel polish 3 containers of gojo hand soap refills (Eco friendly) 2 cans of heavy duty oven cleaner 1.5 boxes of 2 pound food trays (thousand count boxes) 1500 square root plastic wrap 1 bus tub of assorted spices 5 sleeves of 2 oz portion cups (250 per sleeve) (compostable) Miscellaneous: 5 tuff storage totes 4 extension cords (various sizes) 1 pack or scrub pads 1 bag of towels 3 sleeves of quart containers with lids Half full box of 1 pint food storage bags Half full box of 1 quart food storage bags 1 digital scale 1 box of fryer filters 1 rubber floor mat 1 food cart 1 Dyna-Glo heater (90 K btu with two 20 pound propane tanks) 1 Vantco cast iron electric panini press 2 5 gallon gas cans 1 broom and deck brush Small tool kit (Miscellaneous equipment for truck maintenance) 1 hand held propane torch First aid kit 1 Propane tank heating blanket 1 Igloo 110 quart rolling cooler 1 Vantco 1 Hp Meat Grinder with sausage attachments and blades One sanitation bucket Emergency roadside kit Jumper Cables Equipment: New Superior 36 inch flat top CPG two burner New Superior 40 pound fryer New Superior worktop freezer (48 inch) Atosa prep table refrigerator (36 inch) (serviced in July, new fans) Honda 3000 generator (serviced in August) 5 gallon Bosch water heater (serviced in June) Water pump was replaced in May of 2019 Hood vent was serviced in April of 2019 Ansul system serviced in May of 2019