Roaming Hunger

Roaming Hunger Marketplace Frequently Asked Questions

Roaming Hunger is one of the largest marketplaces for used and new mobile food equipment - providing access to new and used food trucks, trailers, kiosks, and more. Here are some frequently asked questions about how we work:

1. How does Roaming Hunger’s “Buy a Food Truck” Marketplace work?

Here is how Roaming Hunger’s Marketplace works:

  • a. When you find a piece of equipment you’re interested in, we’ll collect your information and a $500 refundable deposit. The deposit will go toward your purchase, or will be refunded back to you in full if you do not make a purchase within 15 days.
  • b. We connect with the seller to determine if the equipment is still available for sale. This can take up to 48 business hours.
  • c. Once we confirm availability with the seller, we will contact you within 24 business hours with an update and schedule a phone call to discuss the vehicle, how the sales process works, and any additional questions.
  • d. We introduce you to the seller and provide any additional support along the way.
  • e. If you buy the equipment from the seller, the transaction occurs directly between you and the seller. Your deposit will be credited toward the selling price.
  • f. If the equipment is not available, we will refund you the deposit and set up a time to discuss finding you another piece of equipment that fits your needs.
  • g. Finally, after you purchase your equipment we get you set up for success via our Roaming Hunger vendor platform.

The major benefit of working with Roaming Hunger is our personal concierge service, which helps you navigate the entire buying process for free.

2. What does personal concierge service look like?

Upon receiving your $500 deposit, we will send you a calendar link to schedule a call with one of our dedicated marketplace leads. From there we’ll do the following:

  • Make sure you learn about all the listings and options that fit your needs.
  • Advise you on industry best practices when purchasing equipment.
  • Advise on what equipment is generally needed for your concept.
  • Provide support after you’ve purchased your equipment by setting you up on the Roaming Hunger platform.

3. Is there a cost to using Roaming Hunger to find a food truck?

There is no cost to work with us, but we do require a $500 deposit to connect you with the seller(s). The deposit is fully refundable if you do not buy the equipment.

4. What is the deposit refund policy?

We will refund your deposit in full upon your request:

  • At any point prior to connecting you with a seller.
  • At any point after connecting you with a seller, once we have written confirmation from both parties that a transaction is not moving forward. If a transaction did occur between the buyer and the seller, the buyer still owes the entire deposit amount to Roaming Hunger. Proceeding with the deposit confirms agreement of this refund policy.

5. Why do you require a deposit?

We implemented the deposit based on feedback we received from sellers. Sellers typically will not talk to buyers that are just researching or have no financing available.

Additionally, there are typically multiple buyers interested in any given vehicle, and with rapid transaction times, we want to assure that our buyers have the greatest chance of getting a vehicle.

6. What happens if the equipment I want is not available?

We do not own any of the trucks on our site and list what is claimed to be available from independent sellers. Though we regularly check with our sellers on the availability of their vehicles and update our site accordingly, there are occasions when a specific vehicle is unavailable after a buyer expresses interest. For that reason, upon receiving interest from a buyer, we connect directly with the seller to confirm availability before proceeding with the transaction.

7. Do I need financing to inquire about food trucks?

In most cases yes, you should have financing available before we connect you with a seller or builder.

We review all inquiries prior to connecting sellers and buyers to respect everyone’s time. Once you have lined up your financing and are ready to make a purchase, we will work on your behalf and we’ll be your personal concierge to get the vehicle you need.

8. Do you own the food trucks in the Marketplace?

We do not own any of the equipment on the used Marketplace. All vehicles listed are provided by independent sellers, and Roaming Hunger connects the sellers with interested buyers.