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From Start to Finish, Here's How to Sell Your Truck

1. Tell us about your truck.

Tell us about your truck. Equipment, size, model and anything else you feel is relevant. The more info, the better. Did we mention the listing is totally free?

2. Upload as many pictures as you like.

That's right, unlimited photos. Inside & outside. Feel free to show off the goods.

3. Create a profile to manage the listing.

Come back any time to edit or make changes.

4. We'll find you a buyer.

After we find an interested buyer, we'll send them your way. We'll even help the buyer find financing. Roaming Hunger charges a 10% Listing Fee once the sale is complete. Talk about hassle free sales.

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Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Roaming Hunger is one of the largest marketplaces for used and new mobile food equipment - providing access to new and used food trucks, trailers, carts, and more. Here are some frequently asked questions about how you can sell your food truck, trailer, and other equipment on our marketplace:

1. How does Roaming Hunger’s Marketplace work?

Here is how Roaming Hunger’s Marketplace works:

  • When a buyer is interested in a piece of equipment, we collect a $500 deposit from them. We do this to avoid putting you in contact with any “tire-kickers.” The deposit goes toward the selling price of your equipment.
  • After the buyer's $500 deposit is paid, a Roaming Hunger sales representative will contact you (the Seller) to let you know we have an interested buyer.
  • Once we confirm your equipment is still available, we require a credit card hold for 10% of the list price of your equipment (minus the $500 deposit from the Buyer). We’ll send you our “Marketplace Seller: Credit Card Authorization” form via Docusign to collect your credit card information.
  • Once the credit card hold is done we will introduce you to the buyer and provide any additional support along the way.
  • If you sell the equipment to the buyer, the transaction occurs directly between you and the buyer. Your credit card authorization hold will be charged 10% of the actual selling price. This means if the selling price is lower than the listed price, we will prorate the 10% listing fee commission when the sale is completed.
  • If the buyer decides not to move forward with the sale or no longer wants to buy the truck, trailer, cart or equipment, we will release the credit card hold and will let you know as soon as we have another interested buyer.

For more details about our Seller Agreement, go here to read through our entire Listing Agreement to Procure Customers (and scroll down to the Agreement).

2. Why should I use Roaming Hunger?

Listing your food truck on the Roaming Hunger Marketplace is free.

We talk to interested buyers before we connect them with you. This means you’re not going to waste any time talking to people that aren’t ready to buy or don’t have the financing.

3. Why do we require a 10% credit card hold prior to speaking with the buyer?

This is how we secure our Listing Fee.

This credit card authorization is removed if the buyer does not buy any vehicle, trailer or equipment.

You need to have the amount of 10% of your selling price (minus the $500 that the buyer has deposited) available in credit for the authorization hold. However, it is not charged and stays pending until the vehicle is either sold or until the credit card hold is released.

4. What is the credit card authorization release policy?

We will release your credit card hold in full upon your request:

  1. At any point prior to connecting you with a buyer.
  2. At any point after connecting you with a buyer, once we have written confirmation from both parties that a transaction is not moving forward. If a transaction did occur between the buyer and the seller, the seller still owes the entire deposit amount to Roaming Hunger. Proceeding with the deposit confirms agreement of this refund policy.

5. I listed my food truck in the last 72 hours and the listing is not live?

Each listing is manually reviewed by one of our team members prior to publishing. This process can take up to 72 business hours.

6. Do I need pictures to post a listing?

Yes, we require every listing to have photos prior to publishing. If you do not post pictures your listing will not be published. Please post good quality photos of the exterior and interior of your equipment. Buyers need to get a good idea of the equipment in order to pay a $500 deposit to connect with you.

7. Can I post my personal information on my listing?

No, any personal information added to the listing will be deleted prior to publishing.

8. Why is the exterior branding on my equipment blurred on the listing photos?

We blur branding on each listing of each vehicle, trailer or cart. This is to protect our sellers from scams.

9. Can I still sell my truck, trailer, or cart to a private party or list it on another website?

Yes, you can list and sell your equipment on any other website or property you want. If you do sell it outside of Roaming Hunger, please email us at, so we can remove your listing and not bother you with emails or calls.

10. How do I increase my chances of getting interested buyers?

Here are some of our recommendations when listing your food truck, trailer, cart, or equipment with Roaming Hunger:

  • Take clear photos of all 4 angles of the exterior and both front and back shots from the interior.
  • Write a clear description of your equipment and any upgrades along with anything that may be damaged or not working well.
  • Make sure to list all equipment featured in the food truck, trailer or cart.
  • List the exact mileage if selling a vehicle.
  • List the make, year and model of the vehicle.