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Everywhere you go, Americans are comforted with the fun all American Favorite, a staple of "fast food", the hot dog. Nana's Heavenly Hot Dog's decided the tradition was fading and wanted to keep it going, while adding the flare of a new decade to it. Thus Nana's Heavenly Dog's was born. Our vision became a reality when the economy went south and job security went out the door. Being long term entrepreneur's Nana's Heavenly Hot Dog's scraped up the money to get their first hot dog cart. The road to success was not easy, or even paved, as we had read. Yet with success as the only option we focused on the enjoyed the journey. We wanted to be a company that not only had happy customers but gave back. We took a back-road approach to our new business. We actually listened to our customers and offered incentives for their feedback. It was a new decade and the age of the internet was HUGE. Facebook's movie "The Social Network" was blockbuster hit. We decided we needed to leverage the power of FaceBook and the internet. We offered our customers their next meal on us if they talked about us, whether good or bad". After all press is press. We were quickly becoming a household name. The only catch for lunch on us was they needed to bring in a screen shot of their post, and friend us, or they could add us on Nana's Heavenly Dog's and post right then from their mobile device and get 50% off on the spot. They simply needed to include our name and location, what time we closed and URL to our website. We rolled the dice and took a gamble. Sure everyone thinks the profit margins are huge on hot dogs, however, when you offer a quality product and your giving away a huge part of the profit margins are very small. Yet we knew we were offering the best product at a great value, and we actually listened to our customers, and did so with a smile. So what made us think we would be a success? After traveling the country looking for the best hot dog, we realized two things. It's not the hot dog that sells. Of course the hot dog builds repeat business and for that we are thankful. It's the cleanliness of your cart and your service that makes the difference. Cleanliness is a given, but how often to you grab lunch for $5 and have great service? America, for the most part, traded great service for lower prices. Think of big retailers. When was the last time you were asked how your day was? And actually had the person care and remember how your day was the next time you visited? Nana's Heavenly Hot Dog's built this business on three things. 1. Customers and their interaction, and feedback. 2. Value, after all if you get good service that doesn't fit your budget, is it good value? If you get service and value you'll share. 3. Cleanliness. We know, We know. Cleanliness as number 3? Well first of all most businesses that serve food neglect to even have this on their list, and if they do it's for fear of the health inspector. We are certain 98%+ of our customers would never refer their friends and family to us if we ran anything but a top notch business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NANA'S HEAVENLY DOGS - Phoenix available in my city?

NANA'S HEAVENLY DOGS - Phoenix serves Phoenix and surrounding areas. Keep in mind that for catering, they may add a travel fee if it's outside of their normal travel radius.

What type of food does NANA'S HEAVENLY DOGS - Phoenix serve?

NANA'S HEAVENLY DOGS - Phoenix serves the following cuisine types: Hot Dogs, Savory

What types of services (equipment) does NANA'S HEAVENLY DOGS - Phoenix have?

NANA'S HEAVENLY DOGS - Phoenix has the following types of services: Food Truck

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