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Tall like the tales you’ve heard surrounding our legendary pints. Dark like the rich, chocolaty contents. As for mysterious? The Yeti may lurk in the shadows, but our frozen custard doesn’t have to remain a mystery for long. Because here it is, in the cold light of day, just waiting to be uncovered. Yes, you’ve stumbled upon the most delicious, creamy custard known to man. Or beast.

Bourbon Vanilla

In fact, go ahead and make it a pint. Because this cold, creamy custard is too smooth for its own good. And much too good for just one scoop. Of course, being this smooth requires practice. It’s an art, really – an art the Yeti has just about perfected. That snowy son of a gun is so smooth it hasn’t been spotted by human eyes for a thousand years. Well, not officially, anyway.

Roasted Strawberry

And then it went cold. Not just cold, ice cold. And that’s a good thing, because it means you’re getting awfully close. Yes, you’re on the verge of discovering a treat so sweet with its roasted strawberries and velvety smooth texture that it’ll send chills running down your spine. Either that, or something’s behind you – and you were dangerously close to finding something much larger than a pint of frozen custard.

Blueberry Pancake

But these footprints couldn’t possibly be human. And they hardly look like bunny tracks. Mysterious, indeed. Equally mysterious – how we transformed one of your favorite breakfasts into the coldest, creamiest custard known to man. Yes, there are two delicious mysteries at hand here. We’re confident you’ll get to the bottom of at least one of them.

Cinnamon Toast

Either that or you’ve got one monstrously huge sweet tooth. In any case, here it is before you, in the cold light of the frozen dessert aisle – the breakfast of your dreams. Now in smooth, creamy custard form. Just don’t linger too long or you’ll freeze your tail off (if you had one). Of course, Yetis never linger too long in one place, lest the mystery melt away. And nobody wants that.

Mint Chocolate Chip

That growl was your stomach. It’s hard to believe something this cold, creamy and velvety smooth actually exists – even in the fiercely rugged landscape of the freezer section. A harmonious medley of mint and chocolate chips – just waiting to scoop you up. Don’t avert your gaze lest it disappear. For you hold a legend of pint-sized proportions. And a harbinger that there is still magic and wonder in the frozen dessert aisle.

Coffee House

You won’t find the creamiest frozen coffee known to man at the cozy shop around the corner. For this, you must venture a little bit out of your comfort zone. But this pint-sized delight you hold in your hands? Well worth the journey, we say. And proof that magic still exists in the frozen dessert aisle. As for that large figure shrouded in white? Could it be? Well, let’s just say you haven’t had your coffee yet.

Lemon Lavender

When life hands you lemons, you’re not supposed to make lemonade. You’re supposed to curl up and dive spoon-first into a pint of cold, creamy custard. Whoever fed you this lie is probably the same person who told you Yetis only dwelled in mythical realms. What if we told you we knew where to find both of these things? Here’s a hint: It’s cold.

About Yeti Frozen Custard

Yeti Frozen Custard brings a modern twist to a classic frozen favorite! Frozen custard is a very rich, creamy frozen dessert made with cream, sugar, and eggs. Like ice cream, it comes in a variety of flavors like our Lemon Lavender or Classic Bourbon Vanilla! By fusing together modern day artistic flavors and old-fashioned frozen custard, unique flavor combinations were created that tingle your taste buds and make people happy. Book the Yeti today and start your adventure!

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