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Crispy, savory, golden, meatyโ€ฆ bacon mania in Sacramento is being taken to a whole new level by this hot pink machine. Unsurprisingly but quite appetizingly, sizzling hickory bacon serves as the centerpiece of each of these finely crafted specialties. This friendly team often switches things up with exciting new recipes, but you can always order their crowd-pleasing signature items, including the Pulled Pork Sandwich (with bacon, BBQ sauce, and Carolina slaw), the famous Jack Back Sammie (an inside-out, twice-grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with bacon and cheddar jack cheese), creamy Mac n Cheese (with bacon), mouthwatering Loaded Fries (with bacon), and rich, chocolatey brownies (with bacon), to name only a few. Whether you are on the go, at a local fest, or planning your very own event, you can make your world a better place with a blissful bite of these bacon creations.

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BACON Mania - burgerssBACON Mania - BLAT wrapBACON Mania - Bourbon SmallBACON Mania - Brownie bitesBACON Mania - Jack BackBACON Mania - Mac FriesBACON Mania - OuchBACON Mania - Piggy Backs
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