Roaming Hunger

Launch branded food trucks, promotions and mobile tours. Anywhere.

Welcome to RMNG, Roaming Hunger's Experiential Marketing Agency. We work with brands to launch pop-up experiential marketing campaigns that go anywhere, draw attention in a big way, and satisfy customers’ appetites for unique brand experiences.

Integrated Campaign Support

Fully Integrated

Designed for pairing, RMNG crafts brand experiences that extend through the physical and digital worlds.

Super Scalable

One day in one city or 99 days in 99 cities. Hit impression and activation goals for whoever, wherever.

Totally Turnkey

We got you. Together we'll strategize and then we execute flawlessly to make your marketing promotion a smashing success.

Highly Customizable

Your goals and objectives are where we start to ensure our project does exactly what it needs to do.

Proprietary Location Intelligence

Over 1,000,000 location points means you have access to any community across North America. Engage your target audience at hyper-local micro events, at small to medium sized community events, or at huge festivals where you can reach thousands at once. Wherever you want to be, we’ll build and execute an experiential strategy that works for your brand.

Recent Activations

Mobile Pop-Up Experience


Visible - an affordable cell phone service utilizing Verizon's network - brilliantly decided to paint Denver blue as a marketing technique to sign up new users and direct traffic to their website. Visible wrapped various modes of public transportation in blue, launched an in-store experience, and placed ads across town in newspapers and on billboards. The Visible team understood the most impactful way to reach consumers was to simultaneously launch a mobile experience. Visible challenged RMNG to launch a 2-month mobile pop-up activation with an extended branded footprint all within two weeks.

Challenge accepted.

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New York Boutique Pop-Up Experience

The Last Line

What sounds better than a day in Soho coupled with dazzling jewelry? How about a day in Soho coupled with dazzling New York rainbow bagels, coffee, and jewelry in Soho? This is precisely what RMNG produced for The Last Line’s (TLL) inaugural store opening.

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