Roaming Hunger

What is Roaming Hunger?

We are the culinary community builders who bring together colleagues, friends, family members and strangers through unexpected and joyful moments. Moments like when the aroma of spicy firecracker wings mixes with the lunchtime chatter of colleagues; when an impromptu game of rock, paper, scissors starts up as friends wait for their orders to be called; a wedding dance beneath lights strung between food trucks; a friendly face offering a napkin to keep an ice cream drip from falling. We don’t just bond over food, we share in exceptional experiences.

Food Truck Catering for Corporate and Private Events

Another day at the office is blissfully interrupted with a lunch break outside where gourmet choices like lobster rolls, sushi burritos and make-your-own açaí bowls await thanks to our Corporate Catering team. A 10th birthday is a wish come true when an ice cream sandwich truck pulls up in front of the mailbox, booked through our Private Event Catering. The most normal everyday occasion becomes extraordinary with Roaming Hunger.

Simply fill out our online form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your event in more detail. We’ll then present you with a range of yummy, available options to choose from. Once you book, we’ll handle the logistics, paperwork and provide our Roaming Hunger Service Guarantee. We do all of the hard work, so all you have to do is eat.

Companies We’ve Catered For

To date, we’ve orchestrated deliciously memorable events for companies such as Apple,, Special Olympics, Tesla, HBO, American Express, Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Mercedes, Nike and many other companies across the US.

The Roaming Hunger Agency

The Agency has nearly a decade of experience leveraging our propriety data, network and mobile expertise to create unique brand amplification programs designed to inspire action and engagement. From food trucks to mobile DJs to restaurant pop-ups, we connect your brand to the right people at the right time.

Here Are a Few Things We’re World-Class At

  • High Impact Experiential Marketing - Large format experiential marketing engagements for major markets and events
  • Hyperlocal Micro-Activations - From farmers’ markets to community events, extend your brand in hard-to-reach places where real people and communities gather
  • Influencer Network - Utilize Roaming Hunger’s network of over 18,000 mobile vendors and top-tier talent to reach your audience
  • Digital Amplification - Tie it all together with a brand campaign on Roaming Hunger’s app and website

We’ve Created Marketing Activations For Some Awesome Companies

To date, we’ve created experiential marketing activations for companies such as Salesforce, Under Armour, NatureSweet, Target, Refinery 29, Shake Shack, Saks Fifth Avenue, Pepsi, Nationwide Insurance, Microsoft, Anheuser Busch, DreamWorks and many other companies.

Elevated Food Experiences (Event Concessions)

Turn the food options at any event or concert from 0 to 11. We’ll tap into our network of over 18,000 food trucks to transform any food court into a culinary experience specific to your event. From concerts, sports events and festivals to schools and corporate events, we’ll manage the entire process of food concessions to make sure it’s exactly what you need.

The Roaming Hunger Marketplace

Roaming Hunger created the Marketplace to help food truck owners be successful from the very beginning to the very end. If you’re looking to buy, build, lease or sell a food truck, you can do so via the marketplace. For entrepreneurs looking to start a food truck business, we provide buying, building and leasing services to make sure you get on the road in the best way possible, including plugging into our catering services. For owners who are ready to exit the industry, the marketplace is set up to help you sell your food truck.

"Roaming Hunger is an excellent company and resource for anyone that wants to start a food truck. Their team of people are highly professional and supportive. During our truck building stage I felt like I had my own cheerleading squad in California rooting us on for success."
- Laura Christie, Christie Caters/Farm To Truck

Roaming Hunger Weddings

For independent couples who want to turn their wedding day into a culinary experience, we created the Weddings department. Food truck catering isn’t like normal catering, which is why you’re hiring a food truck in the first place. We’ll help you navigate the entire process to make sure you get the perfect food truck for your special day. Just make sure your venue allows outside catering or food trucks, and we’ll work with you to cover the rest.

"Roaming Hunger was a joy to work with and saved us so much time, worry, and money on our wedding day."
- Jessica B. Yelp Review

Meal in Progress…

If you have any suggestions or have any questions not answered here, please drop us a line at [email protected].