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baology Menu


Housemade Potstickers

Housemade dumplings filled with meat and/or vegetables, steamed and then seared to produce a crispy bottom.

Gwa Baos

Taiwanese-style slider with a clamshell style bun filled with a variety of sauces, proteins, and accompaniments.


Ruen Bings

A Taiwanese wrap (think of it as a cross between a spring roll and a burrito) - filled with sautéed vegetables, your choice of protein, hoisin sauce, and peanut powder. Assembled to order.

Taiwanese Sticky Rice

Classic Taiwanese street food (can be made gluten free upon request)

HsinChu Rice Noodles

Famed rice noodles from Judy's family's hometown - stirfried with cabbage, garlic chives, carrots, shiitake mushrooms (can be made gluten free).

Stir-fried Housemade Wheat Noodles

Housemade wheat floor noodles made with cabbage, garlic chives, carrots, shiitake mushrooms

Taiwanese Fried Chicken (Legs & Wings, bone-in) - gluten free

Double-fried Taiwanese Fried Chicken legs & wings (bone-in) finished with caramelized honey and our housemade pepper spice blend

Taiwanese Fried Chicken (Popcorn Style, boneless) - gluten free

Taiwanese Fried Chicken done popcorn style (boneless) served with fried Thai basil and lemon aioli

三杯雞 Three-Cup Chicken | Sān Bēi Jī

Classic Taiwanese dish whose name comes from its 3 primary ingredients: soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame oil - finished with Thai basil and served over Forbidden Rice.

滷肉飯 Braised Pork Rice | Lu Rou Fan

Taiwanese comfort dish made w braised heritage pork shoulder & belly served w pickled daikon radishes, finished with crispy shallots, scallions, and cilantro served over Forbidden Rice

BIAN DANGS 便當 | Taiwanese bento

Taiwanese adaptation of the Japanese bento box. Classic Bian Dangs come with Forbidden Rice, protein, and seasonal/local vegetables. Ours come with matching sauce and a crunchy topping. Most options are gluten-free.


Smashed Cucumber Salad - gluten free

Cold cucumber salad tossed with sesame oil, crushed red pepper, and rice vinegar

Pickled Vegetables - gluten free

Locally sourced vegetables pickled in-house with Taiwanese rice vinegar (assortment varies)

Liang Mian | Taiwanese Cold Noodles

Housemade wheat noodles tossed with a sesame & peanut sauce finished with peanut powder and cucumber and carrots.


Sweet Potato Donut Holes (vegetarian) (gluten free)

Classic Taiwanese street food sweet dusted with ginger-cinnamon sugar

Housemade Cream Puffs

Finished with Creme Anglaise

About baology

baology is looking to spread the love of food far and wide. Specifically, Taiwanese cuisine. There, food acts as a centerpiece to life, a way to cultivate friendship and familial bonds. As a restaurant in Philadelphia, they've already found success. But now, they're making it all deliverable, able to cater your next event in style. Sounds amazing right? We thought so too. baology focuses on highlighting Taiwanese culture, viewing food as a way to cultivate community by taking care of one another. It's the fuel that keeps us going, quite literally, so baology is committed to making it as fresh as possible, using only the highest quality ingredients to make each meal as healthy and balanced as can be. Each item on the menu comes from recipes passed down through the family, so you know you're getting authenticity here. From potstickers and baos stuffed with pork belly to authentic ruen bings: Taiwanese wraps available in seared shrimp and crispy beef variety, rest assured you'll get your fill here. So why wait? Find baology in Philly, or have 'em cater your next event. It's high time you try something new for a change, and baology is just the ticket. MUST TRY
  • Liang Mian - this savory snack features Taiwanese cold noodles with peanut and sesame sauce
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