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Orange County, CA
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Beer Braised Bratwurst

Plump pork bratwurst bathed in beer with a hint of garlic and onion, slowly smoked over Hickory wood and served on Hawaiian rolls with choice of caramelized onions, self-serve sauerkraut, ketchup and mustard

VHF Veggie Burger

Chipotle black bean vegetarian burger, lightly smoked and served on a fresh bun with the choice to add cheese and your choice of self-serve toppings (Veg)

100% Beef Foot-Long Hot Dogs

With a hint of hickory, served on a bakery-fresh bun with your choice of self-serve toppings

Cheesy Sirloin Sliders

(2) Sliders made with ground sirloin, our special seasonings, garlic, onion, relish, cheese and more cheese melted on top. Served on fresh Hawaiian Rolls

Kid's Meal

Served in a take-it-home Treasure Chest, the Captain Kid's Meal is served with a choice of a 100% beef Hot Dog, a Cheesy Sirloin Slider, or a Honey Ham slider, complete with Kettle Chips and 100% Fruit Juice

Hickory Smoked Angus Burger

A 1/4 lb of lean angus beef seasoned and slowly smoked over hickory wood then served on a bakery-fresh bun with your choice of dressing and toppings

Honey Ham Sliders

Succulent honey ham with mayonnaise tucked between two Hawaiian rolls

Beef Chili Dog

Foot long 100% beef hot dog covered in chili and beans with cheese and onions


Kettle Chips with Dip

Kettle chips with smoky onion dip

Organic Baby Greens Salad

Fresh, tender baby greens served with your choice of dressings


Natural Shave ice

Our authentic syrups come all of the way from Hawaii. Self-serve syrup station allows you to pour as many and as much syrup as you like to make a soft and sweet dessert. Never hard or crunchy like a snow cone.



Homemade lemonade made with freshly squeezed lemons, pure cane sugar, and filtered water

Real Fruit Smoothies

Made with real fruit and so satisfying!

Caffe Latte

Velvety steamed milk with freshly pulled espresso, topped with a dollop of foam

Boba Tea

Your choice of beverage with chewy and sweet boba pearls


Fresh limes, pure cane sugar and filtered water make it so refreshing and thirst quenching

Hot Coffee

Brewed from locally roasted coffee beans, this coffee is rich with flavor

Natural Passion Fruit Tea

Natural Passion Fruit tea, freshly brewed .

Chai Tea

This chai tea is filled with flavor

Ice Coffee

Locally roasted coffee beans made into cold brew and poured over ice

Soda, Diet Soda or Water Bottle

Soda, Diet Soda or Water Bottle

About Beach Bus Bistro

With their diverse menu of entrees, beverages, snacks, and desserts, the Beach Bus Bistro has you covered. Since 2014, this family-run food truck has served up great meals that have no nuts to provide a safe and fun experience for the whole family. And you'll know when they pull up to your location, simply from the mouthwatering aroma of their hickory smoked barbecue. From hickory smoked angus burgers and all beef hot dogs to a bevy of vegetarian options, you're sure to find complete and total satisfaction. But that's not all. Their specially designed kid's meals and other sandwich options ensure that everyone's gonna find something wholly delicious to eat. Or, if you're looking for drinks and desserts, try out their boba tea and authentic Hawaiian shave ice, completely customizable with self-serve syrups and toppings. The best part? Beach Bus Bistro is ready to share their love of food and the passion to serve it, whether it be a wedding, corporate get-together, school event, community concert, festival or charity event. So why wait? Add some surf and sunshine to your event with the Beach Bus Bistro, and give your guests an unforgettable taste of Southern California. MUST TRY Hickory Smoked Angus Burger — A 1/4 pound Angus beef patty smoked for hours over hickory, served with all toppings and tucked between warm, plump rolls. Can you say yum?

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