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Tangy tomato sauce infused with Mediterranean spices & cooked with sautéed garlic, onions, carrots, jalapenos & bell peppers, topped with vegan sausage. This is so incredibly delicious; you won’t believe how healthy it is!


Our special mix of chickpeas, parsley, onions, garlic & secret spices fried to perfection. Accompanied by crunchy eggplant. It's a miracle how the outside stays crispy while the inside is so fresh & soft!


Flawlessly fried, crunchy eggplant, soft warm potatoes or yams & warm chickpeas. Sabich is a well-kept Mediterranean secret. Try our mouth-watering version & we promise you'll want more.


Crispy fried cauliflower, sautéed turmeric-covered mushrooms & onions & lemon-garlic sauce. If you’re not a vegan yet, you might become one after just one bite.


Thinly sliced tempeh and sautéed onions, marinated in an exotic spice blend that includes hints of curry, sumac & coriander. Every country in the region claims this popular dish as its own, but our version is the vegan best!


Crispy battered smoked tofu coated with a unique mix of toscana spices & crunchy gluten-free crumbs, accompanied by sliced yam & avocado. This dish is the shnitz!

About Chickpea Food Truck

Are you experienced, Vancouver? If not, we've got a food truck aiming to fix that for you - The Chickpea truck experience balances organic, vegan and GF-friendly cuisine with taste and seasonings that'll light up your mouth and send your tastebuds into orbit. Drift down a haze of Mediterranean spices, all tossed into forms like Shakshuka pitas and Kasum salads, building your own delicacy til it's absolutely perfect, then wash it down with a healthy kefir brew or an iced mint lemonade. The Chickpea truck is here to bolster your health as much as your appetite, and that's just another reason why you should be reserving a front-row ticket for the show. And once you experience their show, you'll never quite be the same again. MUST TRY
  • Sabich Platter - Crunchy-fried eggplant topped with soft potatoes and warm chick peas makes for a meal that's as balanced as it is transcendent.
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