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Monterey, TN
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Cheesecake Slice

Usually, a plain, New York style cheesecake with a variety of toppings. Ask about your favorite flavors, and we will try to accommodate.

Whole Cheesecake

Usually a plain, New York style cheesecake with your choice of toppings, but we are open to requests.


Iced Tea

Freshly brewed tea poured over ice, with frozen fruit available to add at your request

Sweet Tea

A southern staple, delicious tea served sweet


Homemade with real lemons and served ice cold

Regular Brew

The classic cup of coffee made just right, you can be sure that your drink is made with freshly roasted beans ground just seconds before being turned into the energy-granting drink you need


Coffee at it's most concentrated, the quality and power of a full cup of coffee is focused into a single ounce in this drink, with a caramely layer of crema on top

Double Shot

Two shots of espresso, perfect for the coffee purist

Long Black

A double shot of espresso poured over hot water to make a full eight-ounce drink with the espresso's natural layer of crema left on top


A double shot of espresso with whipped, caramelized sugar


Espresso with hot water added for a full eight or sixteen-ounce drink, mixing the crema layer of the espresso shots throughout

Latte Macchiato

Three shots of espresso with a spot of stiffly foamed milk

Cafe Macchiato

Stiffly foamed milk with a spot of espresso


Espresso with about one-third of the cup filled with airy milk foam, traditionally topped with cinnamon and optional flavored syrup


Espresso and steamed milk, less foamy than a cappuccino, traditionally flavored and lightly sweetened with syrup

Flat White

Espresso and steamed milk with a minimum of foam, traditionally unsweetened with syrup available if you would like


A latte with blended dark chocolate wafers, also available with white chocolate


Creamy, sweet, and heavenly smooth, this russian invention is made with cream, vanilla sugar, espresso, and a splash of milk foamed together

Hot Chocolate

Made with real chocolate wafers and served plain, with micro mini marshmallow, or whipped cream

Iced Latte

Espresso, cold milk, ice, and your choice of flavored syrups

Iced Coffee

Slightly thicker and sweeter than an iced latte, also available with your choice of flavored syrup


Iced coffee with blended ice

Frozen Mocha

A frappe with real chocolate melted in the espresso before blending

Hot Tea

Available in any of seven flavors, enjoy with honey, sugar, milk, or plain

Tea Latte

Your choice of tea turned into a latte, served sweetened or unsweetened


Strong lemonade blended with ice, served regular or with your choice of fruit

About Dr. Coffee

When you need your coffee and you need it stat, Dr. Coffee's the truck that's got your back. No really. This food truck is an ambulance that rushes in to meet your coffee needs, reviving your spirit and warming your soul in a bevy of specialty coffee drinks. At Dr. Coffee, they're delivering the freshest, strongest, and best coffee around. How's that? Well, they're committed to using locally roasted coffee in each and every drink to only add to that robust flavor. Get classics like americanos, macchiatos, cappuccinos and flavored lattes, or try international specialties like flat white espresso and even Cuban coffee. Not the coffee type? Don't worry. Dr. Coffee's got just the remedy in their offering of hot and iced tea and even fresh squeezed lemonades in a myriad of mouthwatering flavors. Sound good to you? Good. Head on out to the streets of Monterey, Tennessee, or sound the coffee alarm to have 'em bring it all to your next event. Trust us. If you've never had coffee from an ambulance before, you're missing out, and Dr. Coffee is not to be missed. MUST TRY
  • Lemonice - this frozen specialty beverage features frozen fruit and homemade lemonade all blended together with shaved ice for a flavor you won't soon forget
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