Roaming Hunger

Resilience Taco Truck

Resilience Cyber Security

RMNG used the Resilience taco truck to give Resilience the first crack at conference attendees

After partnering with RMNG, the team created the Resilience taco truck and set it up outside of the Lowe’s hotel in Santa Monica to interact with many of the conferencegoers. By serving tacos (beef, chicken, and veggie), chips & salsa, bagels & cream cheese, coffee & lattes, soda & water, pressed juices, and pastries, the team was able to provide meals and beverages for any time of day and deliver a branded truck as well as marketing collateral to help Resilience connect with potential new customers. Their expertise in food, events, branding, geo-intelligence, and human nature allowed RMNG to know precisely where to set up to interact with the largest group of high-quality potential customers, as well as the best way to reach and connect with them. By the end of the conference, the Resilience taco truck had interacted with 250 guests and provided the cyber security company with the only successful hack into the conference!